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Photo radars in Chaudiere-Appalaches

5 photo radars have been installed in Chaudiere-Appalaches. Here is the list:

Red light cameras (2 radars)

N# Place(s) Speed limit
1 Président-Kennedy Street (Highway 173) southbound at the intersection of Wilfrid-Carrier Boulevard and Louis-H.-La Fontaine Street. 50 km/h
Thetford Mines
N# Place(s) Speed limit
1 Frontenac Boulevard (Route 112) eastbound at Ouellet Boulevard. 50 km/h

Photo radar units (2 radars)

N# Place(s) Speed limit
1 Highway 20 westbound near exit to Pierre-Laporte Bridge. 100 km/h
N# Place(s) Speed limit
1 Lacroix Boulevard (Highway 173) southbound at 114th Street. 50 km/h

Mobil units (1 radar)

N# Place(s) Speed limit
1 Highway 173 between Golf Street and the town limits of Notre-Dame-des-Pins. 70 & 90 km/h

Map of Chaudiere-Appalaches photo radars: red light cameras, photo radar units & mobil units.

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