Eco friendly - Going green?

Eco friendly - Going green? You're looking to go green with your next vehicle purchase, but it's all so confusing! What's the difference? Do I want hybrid? Electric? What will save me money? There is no one size fits all solution, since everybody has different priorities and needs. One person may want a family friendly crossover, while another likes the idea of a grocery getter that's easy to park in the city. Mileage driven, environmental priorities, driving style, and even the province in which one resides all affect purchasing decisions. Over the next few weeks we'll look at the differences between the different types of eco friendly vehicles, and help you to figure out what makes sense for you.

Officially, a green or eco friendly vehicle is one that creates less of an environmental impact than a comparable one that runs on an internal combustion engine fuelled by gasoline, or it can be a road vehicle that runs on alternative fuels.

In practical production models, the definition can include hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, ethanol vehicles, or those that run on natural gas or clean diesel. Others that are powered by compressed air, hydrogen and fuel cell, ethanol, bio-diesel are in the category, but let's stick to the more common ones.

Vehicles powered by the methods mentioned tend to get high fuel economy, which in turn creates fewer emissions, while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. These vehicles reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and save you money in the long term at the pump. Often these vehicles are a little more expensive to purchase, but depending on driving style, provincial incentives and mileage driven, one might come out ahead of the game, while doing something good for the environment.

Throughout this series of articles, we will focus on battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, gas-electric vehicles, extended range hybrids, and eco friendly features such as Auto Stop Start and flex-fuel / alternative fuel options.

Once you're fully informed of the options, you'll be well prepared to purchase your first eco friendly vehicle.

By Linda Aylesworth -

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