Maintenance and car repair

Your car must undergo seasonal maintenance

First, let's talk about tires! Obviously, this is the first thing you should check before leaving. What should we inspect? You must start by checking the tire tread to detect any sign of uneven wear or if it is time to completely replace them. If you notice an uneven wear, an alignment or a direction check may prove to be necessary. If your rotation is expected shortly, it is advisable to do so before leaving for a long run.

Remember that your tires are the only contact between your car and the road. Do not overlook the required air pressure in your tires. The correct tire inflation is different for each vehicle and is listed on the sticker located inside the driver door placard. The maximum pressure marked on the tire is not required. Remember that your tire pressure varies with temperature. For every 5 degrees Celsius variation you will gain 1 psi (pounds per square inch) if the temperature rises and 1 psi less if the temperature drops.

Then, inspect the condition of your braking system. A specialist can tell you if your brakes are still in good condition. The inspection must also include a check of the brake fluids. With aging, the liquids may get contaminated by water and debris, thus reducing braking efficiency.

Speaking of brakes, shocks also play an important role in the immobilization of a vehicle by ensuring a proper transfer of weight during deceleration. Do you remember the little squirrel in the Monroe advert that was spared due to the good suspension of the vehicle?

The extreme heat of the summer often make us suffer when we remain stuck in traffic, that is why the verification of the air conditioning system is critical. It is necessary to flush the old Freon, which may create corrosion, check whether the system has leaks or weakened hoses or if you need a new radiator cap or a new water pump.

Finally, the rest of the maintenance must include the basics: oil change, air filter, effectiveness of spark plugs, new windshield wipers and headlight alignment!

All these items should be checked in order to prevent a major breakdown, because prevention is better than cure, as stated by my mother (and others I'm sure).

Do not forget, heat remains the most damaging threat to tires! & Kevin Brisebois

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