2019 Lexus RX L Review: Room for Six or Seven, But it Doesn’t Add up to a Full House

20 years after it first appeared, the Lexus RX SUV is back this year with a stretched version, the 2019 Lexus RX L. It’s an understatement to say this model is important in the scheme of things for the Japanese luxury division. The RX is the top-selling premium vehicle in North America.

Given the mandate of producing a seven-person variant of this core model, Lexus’ engineers put their heads and talents together and came up with two extra seats – though those two don’t quite provide the same level of space and comfort as the other five, let’s just say…

Massive exterior and premium interior
Love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from the aggressive trapezoidal front grille that leads the way for the RX L. Front to back and top to bottom of the vehicle, there are angles and sharp lines galore that put to rest Lexus’ conservative styling past. Which makes this vehicle distinctive - but not always in a good way. The more conservative of Lexus loyalists may not recognize themselves in this design and they might reluctantly make their way to competing models a little more elegant in appearance.

The only realistic way for the Lexus engineers to create a seven-person interior was to stretch the roofline and rear overhang to deepen the trunk. The wheelbase remains unchanged from the RX, and while that does mean it’s longer than the Toyota Highlander, it’s not really that apparent when you look at it.

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