Child Seats: What You Need To Know

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Having a child is one of the most beautiful moments in life. But we can not know everything, and sometimes it is very easy to overlook the most basic precautions. Car seats for children seem very simple, but in fact, there are many rules governing their use, manufacturer and maintenance. As our children are the most valuable thing we have, it is important to know these rules.

First, some statistics. Did you know that collisions are the leading cause of preventable trauma deaths of Canadian children aged one to nine years? The proper use of a child seat or suitable restraint device reduces the risk of death by 71 percent, and the risk of serious injury by 67 percent. Unfortunately, by reading the statistics, we can see that 44% to 81% of child seats are used incorrectly.

If you've watched TV recently, you now know that child seats come with an expiration date. More important than the date on a container of yogurt, this date should be written on a label or on the seat itself. If it is not there, you should contact the seat's manufacturer, as a seat that has expired may not conform to current standards. Similarly, you should not use a seat that has been involved in a collision. Even if there is no apparent damage, it's integrity can be compromised.

Chevrolet is launching a program across Canada, called "Safe and Sure." This program will consist of free workshops on installing seats for children to give parents tips to better protect their little toddlers, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle.

“Safety has always been a priority for Chevrolet,” says Natalie Nankil, Public Relations Manager, Chevrolet. “Knowing that car seat safety has become such a concern, and that parents are looking for know-how and support, Chevrolet decided to help all drivers with the new Safe and Sure program.”

The Safe and Sure program was developed in Toronto in 2012 and 2013. The reaction of parents and grandparents was so positive, that Chevrolet is now working with Parachute, a national nonprofit who's mission is to prevent injuries and save lives.

Sign up now, as we can never know too much about protecting our children!

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