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When people think of safety features on vehicles, the most common items would be air bags, seat belts, blind spot warning detection systems and other things of that nature. What often goes overlooked is the vehicle’s braking system which is likely the most pivotal thing providing safety to the occupants. That's why NAPA Brakes offers a full line of brake products that meet or exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, as well as a wide range of resources to help you achieve the perfect brake repair.

There are a lot of things to consider when undertaking a brake repair job. There are a lot of low-quality and inexpensive parts on the market that might serve to diminish the quality of your system and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Inferior quality parts can be identified by imperfect shape, imprecise fitment and increased and earlier-than-expected wear and tear. All NAPA products meet OEM specifications for size, shape, fit and function. They are made of G3000 standard cast iron and meet the OEM requirements of the original parts for disc thickness and brake pad shape.

NAPA has an extensive website where the customer can order parts online and have them ready for pickup at the nearest NAPA Auto Parts counter in as little as two hours. This is especially convenient for garage owners and people who prefer to do the work themselves. The website has a user-friendly interface which makes ordering easy and quick. Specialty items can also be ordered but these will usually take more than the usual two-hour pickup time.

It’s getting easier and easier for otherwise inexperienced people to repair or replace their own brakes via online video instruction. This is happening even as the braking systems become for advanced. For example, anti-lock braking systems are now standard on most vehicles. ABS means the vehicle’s computer detects if the brakes lock due to loss of traction and reduces the amount of pressure and allowing the driver to steer. Unfortunately, this also increases braking distance but since you’d otherwise be sliding anyways it makes sense. NAPA’s online blog offers a step-by-step instruction on how to change a standard set of brakes on your vehicle.

You may also have heard of dealers advertising things like “four-wheel disc brakes” as a selling point. Disc brakes are more efficient because they aren’t contained in a housing but use a caliper which squeezes both sides of the disc much like a hand brake works on either side of a bicycle tire. It allows the heat to escape and as a consequence, disc brakes can operate longer under heavy load. Drum brakes use “shoes” which push on the inside an enclosed drum rotating with the wheel in order to stop the vehicle. Drum brakes are still used on the rear of certain models of vehicles because the majority of the load is handled in the front.

There are over 500,000 replacement parts, tools and pieces of equipment readily available at NAPA and CMAX stores. Everything from brakes to body shop supplies to accessories is in stock and ready for ordering.

NAPA is the largest automotive part distributor in Canada and has over 90 years of operating experience. The chain’s 600 auto parts stores across Canada mean there is almost certainly one near you. NAPA also has 6000 stores operating south of the border across the United States where the reputation for quality parts and knowledgeable sales people is unsurpassed.


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