Here Are the 10 Most Stolen Vehicles of 2021 in the USA

Every year, the U.S. National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) compiles a list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in the country. It's always interesting to take a look, both to find out which models are the favorites of criminals, but also to see which years are the most prized.

And honestly, it never fails, there are some that cause double takes.

Let’s be clear, of course: most of the vehicles congregated at the top of the list are, perennially among the best-selling models in North America. No surprise then to find them in the lists of the most stolen. There are simply many more of them around to be stolen.

So which is number one? The Chevrolet Silverado tops the list, followed closely by the Ford F-150. The bureau is talking about full-size pickups, and we’re guessing the totals include the HD versions. In all, 48,206 Silverado's were stolen in 2021, compared to 47,999 F-150s. But what’s interesting here is the most popular year for each model stolen: For the Chevrolet, it's 2004; for the Ford, it's 2006.

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