Hybrids cars victims of Suv's

It is no secret that sport utility vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with new vehicle buyers. This is not a trend of the Americans, as we see the same trend in Canadian sales figures.

South of the border, another factor influencing hybrid car sales is the price of gasoline. As I write this, a Circle K service station in the Columbus, Ohio area sells its gasoline at $ 1.57 a gallon, or $ 0.415 a liter! Under these conditions, how to convince buyers to choose a Prius? So the industry has many questions.

Toyota plans to sell 75,000 Prius in the US in 2017, a decrease of 24,000 from 2016. Note that Toyota had already planned to sell 400,000 Prius per year at a time when SUVs were not yet popular. Prius sales fell 13% last year while Prius v, Prius c and Prius rechargeable fell nearly 50%.

This is the reason for the presence of the RAV4 Hybrid in the range of the first Japanese manufacturer. It should help keep buyers of SUVs in the Toyota showroom. Last year, Toyota sold 45,000 of these RAV4 Hybrids out of a total of 352,000. It plans to sell 60,000 out of 400,000 this year.

Last year, Toyota struggled to meet demand for light trucks while demand for cars declined. US sales of Toyota even dropped 2.0% because of this inability to supply with SUVs.

With the arrival of Donald Trump in power, this enthusiasm for commercial vehicles is likely to increase since the president does not believe in global warming. Its desire to bring fossil fuels back to the forefront should reduce us by about ten years in terms of polluting emissions. If companies have difficulty selling hybrid vehicles, imagine what it will be for electric cars! It's a pity for us because here gasoline is not at 40 cents a liter, it's at $ 1.15!


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