Kia Provo Concept At Geneva Auto Show

The 83rd Geneva Motor Show won't open it's doors to the public for a few days, but already, photos of concept cars at the show have begun to circulate. One of them is this beautiful concept, the Kia Provo that combines a look of confidence and agility with technology.

This coupe style hatchback does not hide the similarities it shares with the Track'ster, which was unveiled by Kia in Chicago last year. It combines a muscular look with a turbocharged gas engine plus an electric motor creating a hybrid solution for the Provo. The interior is amazing by all counts, the materials used are both luxurious and high-tech.

The compact Provo is 3.88 metres long, 1.77 metres wide and 1.35 metres high. The distinctively Kia grille seems to be missing, but instead it's hidden behind a piece of glass that leads directly to an interesting set of headlights. These headlights are comprised an animated panel of 850 tiny LEDs, and can adjust to suit the driver's mood. The wraparound windshield leads directly to the frameless doors. The intensive orange-red coloured roof and trim accentuates the contrast against the grey-green body, definitely making the car eye-catching.

The Kia Provo concept sits on 225/40 tires sitting on 19 inch alloy wheels, fixed in place by a single orange-red anodized bolt. The turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine is designed to deliver 204 horsepower. It also benefits from a rear mounted electric motor that automatically supplies an extra 45 HP to the rear wheels, or at low speeds can propel the vehicle entirely.

Inside, the design team has created an interesting style, combining modern functionality with retro style accents. The neat and spare customizable carbon fibre dash features analog looking gauges and buttons. Kia has no plans to produce the Provo at this time, but since certainly Kia possesses the ability to surprise, it's not entirely impossible that this car might come to life.

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