New Chevy Volt Will Debut At Detroit Auto Show

GM has announced that the next generation Chevy Volt will debut at the Detroit auto show in January. The company's global chief marketing officer, Tim Mahoney, made the announcement at a seminar this week in Traverse City, Michigan.

When pressed for details about the plug-in Chevy Volt, Mahoney said: "You'll see improvements all the way across, from technology to design." He added that the new Volt is “a pure expression of what Find New Roads represents."

"Find New Roads" is Chevy's tag line.

What we have heard about the redesigned Volt is that it will get an extra rear seat, bumping capacity to 5 occupants. The 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine is being replaced by a smaller, 1.0-litre, three-cylinder. We are expecting that the new version will have a new platform and an increased range. At the time of Mahoney's announcement, he showed a teaser photo showing a more sculpted deck lid, along with the car's rear badge.

The current model of the Volt gets an estimated range of 38 miles from it's 435 pound battery pack. Once the battery's charge is depleted, the car's gasoline powered engine powers the electric drivetrain. According to GM, about 63 percent of miles driven by Volt owners are on electric power.

The Chevy Volt has not lived up to GM's expectations so far. Initially, the company predicted sales of 60,000 units in 2012, but sales have only reached a fraction of that level, only 65,000 in total since the car's debut in 2010 as a 2011 model. Even still, it is the top selling U.S. plug-in car, even outselling the Tesla, and customer feedback on the car has been very good. GM is encouraged by the fact that the majority of Volt buyers who trade in another vehicle at time of purchase, are trading in a Toyota Prius hybrid.

The new 2016 Chevy Volt will arrive at GM dealerships later in 2015.

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