Porsche Growing, and Growing Fast

It's always a great sign when automotive manufacturers are hiring, especially when they do it in big numbers.

This week Porsche announced that it is hiring 1000 blue collar workers and another 400 engineers for it's Leipzig, Germany manufacturing plant. Already at this location, the company has 1,150 workers who build the company's Porsche Panamera sedan and the Porsche Cayenne mid-size SUV.

The facility will build the new 2014 Porsche Macan compact SUV. Once the vehicle hits showroom floors, Porsche will be adding even more employees to fulfil demand on additional assembly lines.

Porsche's spokespeople say that the company is hoping to double it's current workforce, and fill the ranks with highly motivated people who have "gasoline running through their veins". Already they have received over 16,500 applications for the highly coveted positions. The jobs are considered future-proof, as Porsche's focus is on growth.

The German manufacturer is investing €500 million (about $650 million) into the Leipzig plant, which will include a state of the art paint and auto body shop. It's the largest construction project in Porsche's history. Despite a troubled European market, sales and revenues were up substantially in 2012, making it the company's strongest year ever.

In addition to increasing their manufacturing capabilities and workforce, Porsche is planning to expand their dealer network to 1000 locations by 2018. Currently sitting at about 750 dealerships, the company will invest €200 million (about $260 million) each year boost it's sales network. 2018 is also the goal set by Volkswagen to become the world's biggest auto manufacturer.

The new Porsche compact SUV is considered an important project for the company. Positioned as both an entry level SUV, and an entry level Porsche, it will be marketed heavily in the US. North American buyers will get a choice of two engines- a turbocharged 2.0 litre 4 cylinder or a supercharged V-6; with a 7-speed dual clutch automatic. Thanks to Volkswagen's very successful Multi Platform Vehicle Strategy, the Macan will enjoy the same chassis as the Audi Q5. Differentiating the new vehicle from the others will be Porsche's suspension and brake tuning, and an interior that is comparable to that found in the Porsche Boxster.

The first Porsche Macan should roll off of production lines in a couple of months, before making it's official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and landing in dealerships soon after.

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