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We live in a world where the days really need to be longer than 24 hours. When we entered this technological era, we were promised that we would have more time for leisure. Wrong! Thanks to the technological age, we spend more time in front of our computers, smart phones or writing on social networks. We spend all week slavishly working in order to pay for all of these gadgets.

How many of you do not buy online, because you can't be certain that you'll be at home to receive the delivery? Volvo has a solution! At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Volvo will present a new form of "traveling delivery" service. With this new technology, consumers can select their car as the destination address of their purchases. With the help of a smart phone, the owner will be informed when a company wants to drop off a delivery or make a pickup of an item at their car.

Once the car owner has approved the delivery, they can provide a digital key to the delivery driver so that he can unlock the car. Once the delivery has been completed, the car will lock and the digital key will be destroyed. This system is based on Volvo's On Call application that can heat or cool a car remotely.

This "itinerant delivery" technology has been tested by 100 people, 86 percent of whom said that it had allowed them to save time. It should also be noted that there is an environmental benefit to this application. A delivery truck that returns several times to your home, without success, burns oil and pollutes more. If the delivery is successful on the first attempt, it is obviously a less polluting situation.

Last year, 60 percent of people who made online purchases claimed to have had difficulty with delivery at one time or another. As people are increasingly stressed, Volvo believes that this technology could help to ease some of their stress.

We have our doubts!

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