Scion Racing Contingency Program Continues

Scion Racing, Toyota's young brand division, says that they will renew this year's financial support program for those who want to race their car. In it's first year of operation, this program has been very successful. This year, Scion is bring about some positive changes for all participants. In addition to providing scholarships for those with good results, Scion is adding additional rewards for those with consistent participation.

"The Scion Racing Contingency Program has only been in existence for two years, but we have already made a major contribution to grassroots motorsports in Canada," said Cyril Dimitris, Director of Scion Canada. "We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2014 for this exceptional program. As part of its evolution, we’re pleased to announce changes to the payout ratio to better reward racers who demonstrate a higher level of participation."

The program allows people to showcase their cars and their driving skills, while participating in a series of closed course events, whether autoslalom, against the clock, racing or drifting. It is improved by the Scion Racing competition, which allows drivers to demonstrate their skills in a controlled environment.

In 2013, thirteen Canadian participants received scholarships, four received the maximum amount, $4,000. Colin French, one of last year's members, said he was delighted that Scion is supporting motorsports. According to him, there should be more participants this year. Moreover, Scion racing has increased the number of program participants to a maximum of 45.

Those who participate in one of the Scion authorized races, can apply for scholarships ranging from $40 to $350. For those in first position, Scion will grant scholarships of $100 to $800, up to a maximum of five races. This means that there is a potential total of $5,750 for a talented and consistent racer.

What this means for racers is that fuel and tire expenses need not be a barrier to entry in Scion's races, and that not only those who reach the podium are eligible for financial compensation, making events more inclusive, and more fun for the participants.

All Canadians who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory may apply to the program. The only prerequisite is to have a driver's license, of course!

Here is a video from Scion about the Scion Racing Contingency Program:

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