Smart Fourjoy Concept

It's autoshow season again! I'm particularly happy about this because I get to write about all the new shiny toys that automakers have dreamed up, especially the ones that are still in concept stage.

Just days ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Smart has unveiled it's newest concept, the all new Fourjoy.

At first glance, the design feels like an Apple product, hinting of similar design philosophies and materials. Constructed of polished aluminum, the Fourjoy's bumpers, hood and tailgate are composite plastic, finished in pearlescent white, much like an Apple device.

Smart is known for it's offbeat design, they're not your typical car company. In keeping with it's usual quirkiness, Smart has dispensed with the doors, roof and rear windows on this concept, calling them "unnecessary ballast". Perhaps, but they'll be necessary before they bring it to the production stage, slated for 2015. Forgoing these elements might seem irresponsible to some, but Smart says that the concept is the company's way of signalling that it is growing up.

Without doors and roof, the interior is showcased, and doesn't disappoint. Built on the same platform as the Fourtwo, the Fourjoy has seating for four this time. The front seats are uniquely shaped, and the rear bench almost seems to float. Very "Back to the Future".

This model runs on a 74 hp electric motor, which frees up interior space by placing it in the trunk. Despite Smart's claim of maturation, they have come up with a novel idea to address range anxiety. Skateboards. Yes, I said skateboards.

The Fourjoy comes with a pair of electric powered longboards fitted to the top of the car, as well as helmets outfitted with HD cameras in a special trunk compartment.

In keeping with the futuristic theme, inside the cabin are four integrated smartphones, two in the rear, and two dash-mounted.

Officially, the Smart Fourjoy will make it's debut in Frankfurt on September 10, and more information will be available at that time.

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