The benefits of correct air pressure

At first glance, this topic can seem a bit crazy, but remember that bad air pressure is the main reason for an uneven tread wear on your tires. When I introduce the subject, several questions resurface very quickly, for example: what happens to the load capacity of vehicle when I install Extra Load (XL) tires or should I put more or less air in the tires when the car is fully loaded? These issues are regularly raised and I will use this bimonthly column to try to clarify these questions!

Let's start with the standard load and Extra Load tires. If you knew how much I hear all kinds of comments about them! The most popular is that a XL tire can increase the load index, so by extension, the loading capacity of the vehicle.

This is totally false. The only thing that determines the weight that the vehicle can withstand is its load index, which is found on a sticker inside the driver's side door, not the type of tires fitted to the vehicle.

To answer the other question, no matter how many people, the weight of your mother-in-law, your luggage and / or the distance to travel, the pressure should not differ from what is indicated by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

There is only one exception, which is when you change the size of your tires. Obviously, if you have a lower space volume in your tire it requires less air. Also, in some cases if you have a high performance tire you may need more air pressure than usual but in this case please refer to your tire specialist. & Kevin Brisebois

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