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Please find hereinbelow complete details regarding the Terms and Conditions of the Website™ for the current year.

These website terms and conditions of use were last amended in April 2011.

These terms and conditions of service ("Terms and Conditions") apply to your access of the Website www.autoExpert™ (the "Site"), to its consultation, use, as well as the publication and consultation of ads on the Site. Publications Le Guide inc., also doing business under the name autoExpert ("autoExpert™"), is the operator of the Site.

You are advised to read the following terms and conditions carefully. To be able to use the site, you have to accept all the clauses of these terms and conditions. By accessing, consulting or placing ads or any other information on the site, you confirm your acceptance to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not  accept these terms and conditions, please abstain from accessing or using the site.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating them. Any amendment of the Terms and Conditions shall take effect thirty (30) days after they are published on the Site.

Please read this page from time to time to acquaint yourself of any updates or new information. You agree to re-read the Terms of Use from time to time to acquaint yourself with any amendments. You can consult the Terms of Use any time by clicking the "Terms of Use" link that is found on the Home page of the Website™. Your continued use of the site after the publication of new Terms of Use on™ signifies agreement with the amendments and revisions when they take effect.

The Terms and Conditions, together with the amendments and/or additions constitute the entire agreement between you and™. Any previous communication, including e-mail communication, is not part of these Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree with the modifications or part of the terms of use, please do not use the site™ and please cancel the service(s) for which you have registered.

1. Criteria for accepting users on the site

The services offered through the Site are only offered to persons who have the legal capacity to contract, specifically and, without restricting the generality of the aforementioned, our services are only offered to persons aged 18 years and above. If you are under 18, you can only use the Site with the permission and under the supervision of your parents or legal guardian. We also reserve the right to restrict use of the Site to members who have been suspended temporarily or indefinitely. Furthermore, your account on the Site, your username and your password, belong to™ and they cannot be transferred, sold or ceded to a third party. If your registration is made on behalf of a legal entity, you certify that you are a duly authorized representative of this legal entity. (1) See™ – terms of use of the site

2. Site costs and services

There is no charge for accessing and creating an account on the Site. However,™ shall charge certain costs based on the service offered on the Site. If the service that you use requires payment of charges, you will be able to accept these charges prior to using the service. Our charges are in Canadian dollars ($CAD) and we reserve the right to increase the charges without prior notice. We will advise you whenever there are any changes to our charges, and such changes will be posted on the Site. Charges are non refundable and you are responsible for payments when they are due. If you do not pay these charges, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate your access to the Site. If any payment is not made or if your account is late, we reserve the right to resort to a third party to collect the amount due.

3. Activating an account on the site

To place an ad on the Site, you first have to complete an electronic form in order to select your username and password. The system will then ask you to confirm the information entered as well as the selections you have made. You will then receive an e-mail at the address you provided on the form, asking you to click on a link in order to activate your account, and it will provide you your username and the activation code. You can discard your activation code once your account is activated. No username or password is required to access the Site or to consult ads that are published on the Site.

When using the Site, you agree to use appropriate words in the title and description of your ad. For instance, you cannot include brand names or words that have no relationship with the product being advertised.™ reserves the right to move certain ads to categories deemed more appropriate for the item being advertised.™ does not get involved in any way in transactions between advertisers/sellers and buyers and offers no protection program or payment methods between the parties.

4. User information on the site ("Information")

When you sign up or place an ad on the Site, your personal information will be transmitted to™ or to other users. You are solely responsible for information disclosed and published on the Site.™ only serves as a communication channel for transmitting and publishing your information online.

5. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

5.1 -™ (i) Makes no explicit or implicit representation or warranty of any sort regarding the site, its content and the services or products offered or advertised on the site, and (ii) disclaims any warranty, explicit or implicit, including, without limitation, implicit warranties of merchantability, conformity or non-infringement. Furthermore, by using or attempting to use the site, the user expressly recognizes that™ offers no warranty or representation regarding the site, its contents and the services or products offered or advertised on the site regarding their currency, legality, accuracy or completeness; and as a service to usesrs of the sitE,™ includes links to other websites over which™ has no control.™ provides no endorsement or representation of any sort regarding the products, services, contents or accuracy of the contents of such websites, and users hereby irrevocably waive any claim against™ regarding such websites.

5.2 - In addition, and without limiting the generality of the aforementioned, the user recognizes that™ does not conduct any research regarding the solvency of its members (buyers or sellers), their legal situation or their ability to live up to their commitments.™ thus specifically assumes no responpsibility regarding title of ownership, market value and fitness of an item for a particular purpose or regarding the non violation of third party rights.

5.3 - Regarding the site or any other related site,™ shall under no circumstance, be responsible to any party for any damage or injury attributable to (including, without limitation) use of the site, services or products offered or advertised on the site, contents of the site, interpretation of terms, errors, omissions, or any specific or other damage resulting, directly or indirectly, including, without limitation, loss of benefits, interruption of activities, loss of programs or other data contained on your information management system, loss or damage of property and third party claims, even if™ is expressly informed about the possibility of such damages.

5.4 - In spite of the best efforts by™ to maintain the accuracy of information, errors may be present on the site or in relation to the services offered. If™ notices an error, it will be corrected as soon as possible, and the users concerned will be notified accordingly.

6. Trade marks and copyright

The name™ as well as the logo related to this name are trade marks belonging to Publications Le Guide inc. Any use of these trade marks is strictly forbidden without the prior written permission of Publications Le Guide inc. Furthermore, all third party names and trade marks that appear on the Site belong to their respective holders and cannot be used without the consent of their respective owners.

The Site, as well as its contents, including its texts, images and the selection and layout of its information, are copyrighted: © 2011, Publications Le Guide inc. All rights reserved.

You may view and download information contained on the Site for your personal use, but not for commercial purposes. Any other use, modification or reproduction of the site, in whole or in part and without the prior written permission of Publications Le Guide inc. is forbidden.™ may, without prior notice, withdraw any content that it deems to infringe on third party intellectual property rights. If you repeatedly infringe on third party intellectual property rights,™ may, without notice, immediately ban you from accessing the site™.

8. Notice

You can contact™ or Publications Le Guide through the following means: :

By regular mail:
1965 boulevard Industriel, Office #100
Laval (Quebec)
H7S 1P6

By telephone:

By email:

9. Questions and concerns

If you would like to obtain further information regarding the Terms and Conditions of the Site, please contact™ using the contact information provided in Section 8 and it will do its best to assist you.

10. Divisibility

Should any provision of the present Terms and Conditions be deemed illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason, said provision shall be deemed to be divisible from the Terms and Conditions and this shall not have any incidence on the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This agreement and its interpretation are subject to applicable laws that are in effect in the province of Quebec and in Canada without giving effect to any principle of conflict of laws. The courts of the district of Montreal, province of Quebec, have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disagreement regarding the present agreement, including its interpretation and effects.

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