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Cadillac Patents Symboliq, Optiq and Celestiq Names

General Motors has filed trademark requests in both the U.S. and in Europe for several names that likely are destined for future electric vehicle models. The GM Authority website reported that GM filed the applications for the names (and specifically with the Cadillac names attached to them) in the United States on July 21; the next day the company filed applications with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property for the Symboliq name.

This coming August 6, Cadillac will be unveiling its frequently-teased new Lyriq all-electric SUV. The forms of the new names makes it a reasonable assumption that the automaker is lining up its ducks in a proper row to have names ready for more EVs to come. In fact, the Celestiq name has already been floated, and we know it will refer to a large flagship-type sedan that’s next up in line for development after the Lyriq.

Cadillac has also made clear its intention to produce three electric-powered SUVs: a crossover similar in size to the XT4, a three-row SUV with XT6 dimensions and an electrified Escalade. Again, a reasonable assumption is that the Symboliq and Optiq names are ticketed for two of those, possibly the first two.

We hope – though there’s no guarantee of this – that Cadillac will have more to say about its plans for the names and the future models on August 6 when the Lyriq makes its grand entrance.

Stay tuned.

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