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Nissan Recalling Over 854,000 Sentras Over Brake Light Problem

Nissan says it will carry out a major recall of approximately 854,000 Sentras from 2016 to 2019. The reason? The brake lights may not illuminate when the driver depresses the brake pedal.

On the face of it, this is not a serious problem, but it could potentially have serious consequences, hence Nissan’s recall. Of the recalled units, 807,000 are on U.S. soil. In Canada, we’re talking about 46,000 units.

According to Nissan, silicone contamination caused by the grease used in certain components near the brake pedal switch can cause oxidation that will prevent the brake pedal from working properly. If this happens, the rear lights may not illuminate. Also, in some instances the engine may not want to start since it’s necessary to depress the brake pedal to start the engine. Owners may see a warning light on the dashboard that indicates a system malfunction.

Nissan reports that it is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by this problem.

Owners will receive an interim repair letter in April advising them to schedule a service appointment if they encounter the problem. When there are sufficient parts available in the fall, a second letter will be sent to all owners to request a repair appointment. Dealers will replace the switch and add a protective eyelet.

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