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A Ford Bronco Made of Snow Is on Display Outside the Buffalo Auto Show

Ice and snow sculptures are a common sight in the Canadian winter landscape, not to mention in the Northern United States, even if you don't include base-model snowmen. But it’s not every day you see a vehicle made of snow. Life-size, to boot. Yet go this week to the Buffalo Convention Center, site of the Buffalo Auto Show, and you’ll discover, not a snowman, but a… Snowbronco! Meet the Ford Bronco, snow edition.

And yes, Buffalo has its own car show!

The to-scale Bronco greeting visitors to the show is the work of artist Eric Jones. In an interview with local station WKBW, Eric Jones explained that the snow sculpture, which took him five days to complete, is the most complicated of his career.

“By far the most complex carving I have ever created...because it's 360 degrees and I wanted to put it on an angle so it looks like it's climbing down that hill toward the convention center," said Jones.

According to his website, Eric Jones has been practicing his art professionally for 21 years. He is also a caricaturist and has so far created 100,000 representations of people at events and another 70,000 from photos. Among his works, creating snow sculptures of Buffalo Bills’ players.

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