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An F version for the Lexus LC?

The Lexus LC may be a niche car, but it's still spectacular on many levels. Its styling is certainly lauded and admired far and wide, and its V8 engine and sound leave an indelible mark.

Well, according to what Toyota's luxury division posted on Instagram, we'll be treated to something more from this model. As the image shows (barely), we can just about distinguish an LC placed in front of the logo of the company's performance division.

Will it be a full-fledged F model or an F Sport variant? That remains to be seen. If we had to bet on it, the first possibility seems the most likely, but we'll see.

If so, we could expect to see significant improvements to the car's suspension and brakes. Power would also be on the rise if we follow the logic of the F-division.  The LC 500's 5.0L V8 engine already delivers 471 hp. Rumors point to a high-output version of the LS sedan's upcoming twin-turbo V6, with potentially over 600 hp. This engine would also serve the LS F.

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