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2023 BMW 3 Series Gets Mild-to-Moderate Design Changes

When it came to totaling up sales, BMW's 3 Series was once the company's bread and butter. The sedan has long been replaced in that role by two SUVs, the X3 and X5, but it's still the brand's best-selling car and it’s one still highly prized by luxury and performance enthusiasts.

The current edition has existed largely unchanged for a few years, and so BMW is giving it a little fresh look for 2023 with changes that touch on the styling, both inside and out.

The changes are subtle but accentuate the sharpness of the styling. The grille has ends that are more defined, less rounded. The LED headlights have new visual signatures and the lower grille has a more squared-off look. At the rear, the rear bumper takes on angular lines similar to what was done at the front.

The standard 18-inch wheels get a new design and a new shade of grey (Skyscraper) is available across the lineup; other small colour adjustments are on the menu as well. Note that BMW is showing us here the European model. Our version and offering should be pretty much the same, but small variances are always possible. The same goes for the M Sport packages and their features, as well as their availability on certain versions.

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