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Pilot Sport 4 and Pilot Sport 4 AS Review: Michelin Launches Into EV Tires

•    Auto123 tests out Michelin's new Pilot Sport 4 and Sport 4 AS tires.

Sonoma, CA - In mid-March, French tire manufacturer Michelin held a media conference at the Sonoma racetrack in California. The purpose of the Michelin Sustainability Summit was to unveil the company's latest program to promote the environment and sustainability. 

Part of the day was spent in the conference room with the multiple VPs of the North American division, as well as President Alexis Garcin. Afterwards, it was on to the track se we could experience the first products to emerge from this orientation, namely performance tires and prototypes dedicated to electric cars. 

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The realities of electric vehicles
Michelin's representatives explained it well. With the current and upcoming new generations of electric cars, SUVs and trucks, manufacturers will have to deal with the extra weight of batteries, the higher torque of electric motors and the silence of the drive train, which will require more silence from tires when they come into contact with the ground. 

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