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2020 Mercedes-Benz A220 Review: Gateway to Luxury Motoring

Author: Dan-HeymanPublished:  2/19/2020
2020 Mercedes-Benz A220 Review: Gateway to Luxury Motoring 2020 Mercedes-Benz A220 Review: Gateway to Luxury Motoring

So, what is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, exactly?

Well, if you believe what its various ambient lighting modes say, it could be a “lounge”, a “trip” or maybe just an “experience” (these are all official MB tags). So I guess the manufacturer thinks it can be a lot of things.

For me, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz A220 sedan is an interesting proposition for those that are too freaked out by the CLA either because they see a bunch of knackered examples of them driving around with “Share Now” and “Car2Go” on their doors (though that won’t be a thing for much longer, of course – in fact, it may no longer be a thing by the time you read this), or because the oddly-sloped rear deck and snug back seat just doesn’t scream “luxury” as perhaps they think a Mercedes-Benz should.

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The CLA is still being produced, though (and updated soon), so the A-Class has to carve out its own separate niche as a more-traditional and – perhaps most importantly – more affordable example. Thus while the CLA 250 starts at $43,000, the A220 gets a $34,990 starting price. My tester comes in with a $36,990 MSRP because it features 4MATIC AWD.

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mercedes-benz E450 2020
2020 · E450
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mercedes-benz A220 2020
2020 · A220
57,571 km
Laval · Quebec · 20 km