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Comparison: 2019 Nissan LEAF vs 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

Author: Benoit-CharettePublished:  12/12/2019
Comparison: 2019 Nissan LEAF vs 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Comparison: 2019 Nissan LEAF vs 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

Quebec is the sixth largest market in the world for the market penetration of EVs with a share now at 6.36% and climbing. Norway is far ahead of everyone with 47% penetration, with Iceland second at just over 10.8% followed by California (7.8%), Sweden (7.4%) and the Netherlands (7.0%). 

According to the AVEQ (Association des véhicules électriques du Québec), there are just over 66,000 EVs on the road in Quebec right now, but a big concern for many consumers continues to be price point. We chose two of the more-affordable EVs for our comparison.

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2019 Nissan LEAF

The LEAF is a pioneer in the world of EVs and the best-selling electric vehicle in the world. The range it offered was not questioned in its early days has slowly gotten less impressive in the face of newer, more-efficient models and Nissan has had to react with a LEAF Plus model designed to catch up on the range front. For many buyers, however, the less-expensive basic version may be enough for their needs. 

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nissan Qashqai 663f69754450e587ea9ef511
nissan Qashqai 2019
2019 · Qashqai
31,618 km
Montreal · Quebec · 6 km
nissan Kicks 658442104450e587ea9be365
nissan Kicks 2019
2019 · Kicks
Good price
94,298 km
Montreal · Quebec · 11 km
volkswagen Tiguan 6622694b4450e587ea9e5629
volkswagen Tiguan 2019
2019 · Tiguan
69,542 km
Montreal · Quebec · 11 km
nissan Sentra 65f6e6ed4450e587ea9d65d8
nissan Sentra 2019
2019 · Sentra
41,500 km
Laval · Quebec · 20 km
volkswagen Atlas 6622694b4450e587ea9e5745
volkswagen Atlas 2019
2019 · Atlas
Good price
90,621 km
Montreal · Quebec · 9 km
volkswagen Golf 66250bd44450e587ea9e670d
volkswagen Golf 2019
2019 · Golf
56,753 km
Laval · Quebec · 17 km