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All-Electric Mercedes-AMG Models Are On the Way

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  1/22/2021
All-Electric Mercedes-AMG Models Are On the Way All-Electric Mercedes-AMG Models Are On the Way

Earlier this week, BMW announced that it will develop M Performance variants of its current and future all-electric models. Like clockwork, its eternal rival Mercedes-Benz has now piped up with its own promise of overactive EVs to come. The automaker, via the words of Daimler R&D head Markus Schäfe, says that its AMG division will produce its own variants of some EQ all-electric models.

There are already AMG appearance packages available for the EQC and EQA models, but AMG’s next job is to produce full-on performance models powered solely by electricity.

The AMG division is also busy with developing its own variants of plug-in hybrid models, like the future 800-hp AMG GT73. The EQA SUV just recently unveiled, which offers around 280 hp, is not an AMG model, we should point out. Markus Schäfer explained furthermore that not every EQ model will necessarily get an AMG version.

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All-electric Mercedes-AMG models are an intriguing idea, to say the least – the division could produce models unlike any other available on the market. Remember that at its beginning, AMG
was an independent tuning company, that is until it was bought up by Daimler. In the years since, the ties that bind AMG and its parent company have remained strong, but the division has never fully lost its independent streak.

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