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Check out the 200 accessories for the Ford Bronco

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  5/12/2021
Check out the 200 accessories for the Ford Bronco Check out the 200 accessories for the Ford Bronco

When Ford announced the return of the Bronco last summer, it promised that over 200 accessories would be available for owners wanting to customize their model. Now it's possible to check those accessories out on the Ford of Canada website. The automaker has posted the full list of items large and small, along with their prices.

200+ accessories means, of course, that there’s just about everything imaginable on offer to personalize your ride. Many are commonplace - there are several types of racks that can be attached to the roof to carry various objects (bike, boat, kayak, etc.), but you also find battery packs, a kit for off-road driving, various objects with the Bronco logo, and on and on. Want a fridge? Check. Though, no kitchen sink that we could find…

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Here are some of the accessories with their prices (in CAD $):

A portable fridge that also acts as a cooler: $963.93
Tubular running boards: $862.76
Seat covers: $382.80
A full vehicle cover: $583.70
Door moldings: $557.70
Wheel arch extensions: $713.70
A folding table that can be grafted to the inside of the tailgate: $250.80
A spare tire cover (different designs): $112.80
A first aid kit with the Ford logo: $58.80

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