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Roof Troubles for the New Ford Bronco?

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  8/2/2021
Roof Troubles for the New Ford Bronco? Roof Troubles for the New Ford Bronco?

When a new vehicle comes on the market, there’s always a chance it will encounter problems related to its design; the odd glitches are to be expected. Sometimes they’re minor and barely register with owners. That doesn't seem to be the case with Ford's new Bronco, however, several owners have reported issues with the vehicle’s roof.

It’s bestto be careful when considering reported issues with a brand-new model. It's important to consider the severity of the issues being reported, and how many owners (and what percentage) are actuallly experiencing the same problems. For the moment, while we don't know howe widespread the problem is, let's say that it’s worth highlighting in the case of the Bronco.

As it happens, we are participating in a drive event next week to test the new Bronco; you can be sure we and everyone else will be asking questions about the roof problems. For now, here's what's been reported.

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Soft top
The owner of a Badlands version reported a problem with the soft top on his model, which he has owned for only four weeks. He complained on the Bronco6G website that the fabric roof is already showing signs of wear on the driver's side, and that it’s also starting to wear on the passenger side. He plans to being the vehicle into his Ford dealer for a little conversation and, hopefully, some answers and a fix.

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