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2020 BMW M2 CS Review: I Want One!

Author: Vincent-AubéPublished:  8/12/2021
2020 BMW M2 CS Review: I Want One! 2020 BMW M2 CS Review: I Want One!

Auto123 puts the BMW M2 CS to the test, and it's the beginning of a beautiful love story.

Bowmanville, ON - In my line of work, I drive a lot of cars every year, and while a handful of them are very attractive because of their high performance - I'm talking about sports cars - very few of these sporty vehicles make me say “I want one”. But that's what happened with the BMW M2 CS.

On a day when we pitted the M3 and the M4 Competition in a little friendly head-to-head contest, a track test of this ultimate M2 was very appropriate. And because life sometimes does work out well, fate had it that the last car I’d be driving on this day would be the best. The supercharged little 2 Series was some tasty icing on the cake!

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M2 Competition or M2 CS?
I have to specify that the model in question is an M2 CS (for Competition Sport), a more energetic variant than the M2 Competition. Because yes, the "regular" M2 is no longer offered in Canada, as if BMW Canada wanted to tell us how good the M240i is and that the gap between it and the old M2 was too small.

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bmw X3 M 655cee9d1c459b4b5453581b
bmw X3 M 2020
2020 · X3 M
62,485 km
Montreal · Quebec · 9 km
bmw X3 655cee9d1c459b4b54535787
bmw X3 2020
2020 · X3
48,842 km
Montreal · Quebec · 9 km
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bmw 3 Series 2020
2020 · 3 Series
53,381 km
Montreal · Quebec · 9 km
bmw X4 M 655cee9d1c459b4b54535739
bmw X4 M 2020
2020 · X4 M
36,791 km
Montreal · Quebec · 9 km
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bmw X5 2020
2020 · X5
74,678 km
Laval · Quebec · 17 km
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bmw Z4 2020
2020 · Z4
19,584 km
Laval · Quebec · 20 km

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