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Ford Resolving Bronco Roof Issues

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  9/9/2021
Ford Resolving Bronco Roof Issues Ford Resolving Bronco Roof Issues

We've reported previously about problems with the different roofs of the new Ford Bronco, problems that forced the company to delay model deliveries. Well, good news came this week as Ford confirmed it will begin shipping some replacement hardtop roofs to dealers this week, as well as some complete vehicles.

As reported by the Detroit Free Press, the pace of deliveries is expected to pick up in the coming weeks. Said Mark Grueber, Ford's marketing manager, “We’ll be continuing to ramp that up to replace the roofs on vehicles currently being held needing the new roof.”

That's the solution Ford promised back in August when dealers were told the company was working to get new hardtops for those whose vehicles had been delivered with a defective roof, or for others who were still waiting for their Bronco to arrive due to supply-related production delays.

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Units that had already been built but not yet delivered due to a lack of parts have been piling up in the manufacturer's inventory lots. As well, models-to-be slated for production, but for which it was known that certain components were missing, have seen the date of their manufacture postponed, while Ford waits for the missing parts.

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