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New Acura Integra to Get Manual Transmission

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  10/14/2021
New Acura Integra to Get Manual Transmission New Acura Integra to Get Manual Transmission

Acura continues to deliver information in dribs and drabs regarding its upcoming Integra, but each detail shared is like a piece of a puzzle that helps provide a clearer picture of the model and what to expect from it.

The latest bit of official Acura news concerns the inclusion of a manual transmission in the product offering, which is sure to please driving enthusiasts. An image and video shared by the company reveal the shifter and part of the centre console of the model. The video provides a quick listen of the sound of the engine, which hints at the presence of a turbocharged 4-cylinder.

All of this pretty much confirms what many had firmly anticipated. New pieces are duly placed in the puzzle.

Speaking of pieces, it’s becoming increasingly clear the Prelude will borrow several of those from the new Honda Civic. And the engine we heard is probably, if not definitely, the one found under the hood of Honda's compact car. It's easy to imagine the Integra being powered by the Civic's 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, just as we can just picture a Type S variant of the new model integrating the Civic Type R's turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

Let's just say the puzzle pieces are starting to create a better picture of the Integra. The presence of a manual gearbox makes those engine choices even more logical.

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