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Toyota Will Present its Next Sequoia Next Tuesday

Author: Derek-BoshouwersPublished:  1/20/2022
Toyota Will Present its Next Sequoia Next Tuesday Toyota Will Present its Next Sequoia Next Tuesday

A few days back, Toyota teased what it referred to simply as the Next Big Thing to come from the Japanese auto giant with a first image showing virtually nothing except a rear portion of a squarish vehicle. But of course, the smart money – and the dumb money, and the money with average IQ – was on this being the next-generation Sequoia.

That model is, to be polite about it, due for an overhaul, having last received a proper one in 2007. And now that the new Tundra is out, it becomes the next logical candidate for an overhaul.

Today Toyota let the cat out of the bag and confirmed, with the help of a new teaser image, that we will in fact be meeting the next-generation Sequoia soon. And by soon, we mean next week Tuesday, January 25th (in the evening).

As we mentioned a few days back, it’s expected the new Sequoia will inherit one or both of the engine options available with the new Tundra. We’ll know more about that and a lot else next week, so stay tuned.

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