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Audi Shows New Minivan Concept

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  4/19/2022
Audi Shows New Minivan Concept Audi Shows New Minivan Concept

In the word association game, Audi rhymes with luxury. More specifically luxury sedans and SUVs. Sportiness enters the picture when you attach the R and RS letters to the nameplates.

That's what makes the new concept just presented by the German automaker so… unexpected. Meet the Urbansphere, a design concept that is a follow up to the Skysphere convertible and the Grandsphere sedan, and which looks an awful lot like… a minivan.

At the front, there are certainly elements recognizable from the Q4 e-tron, but the rest of the car's design tells a surprising tale. The windshield is tilted back, the windows are numerous and the tailgate is upright. The Urbansphere also stretches 217 inches and is 79.1 wide, which is significantly larger than any other vehicle Audi has ever built. On board, there are only four seats, in the form of lounge-like chairs. Of course, these seats can be adjusted in any way possible, including on swivels.

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Unsurprisingly, the Urbansphere study is all-electric and based on the Volkswagen Group's PPE platform. This will serve as the basis for the company's future electric models, including the A6 e-tron. Audi says its battery is about 120.0 kWh and its electric motors produce 396 hp and 509 lb-ft of torque. The wheels measure a whopping 24 inches, the suspension uses air springs and a rear-wheel steering system helps with maneuverability.

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