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The Volkswagen Half-Track Fox Restored by VW

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  5/27/2022
The Volkswagen Half-Track Fox Restored by VW The Volkswagen Half-Track Fox Restored by VW

Volkswagen's commercial vehicle division has done some extraordinary behind-the-scenes work over the past four years, fully restoring a unique, one-off VW Type 2 T1 that was modified by its buyer some 60 years ago.

It's both a feast for the eyes and the senses, and it can’t help but appeal to any fan of modern or vintage vehicles. Moreover, it is a great respect for history on VW’s part.

The modified bus was nicknamed the Volkswagen Half-Track Fox at the time. After leaving the Hanover, Germany factory where it was built, the vehicle was taken to Austria by its new owner. A trained mechanic, Kurt Kretzner had no intention of using his new Microbus in the conventional way. He modified it into a truly special off-road monster. It took him four years to turn the idea in his head into reality.

Kretzner presented his bus as a solution for everyone from hunters to forest rangers to doctors living in the area or basically anyone who needed to travel in inhospitable terrain when conditions could be challenging. He explained that he had modified the vehicle to his liking because he couldn’t find what he wanted on the market.

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