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Toyota Will Unveil Crown Sedan-Crossover on July 15

Author: Derek-BoshouwersPublished:  7/6/2022
Toyota Will Unveil Crown Sedan-Crossover on July 15 Toyota Will Unveil Crown Sedan-Crossover on July 15

Days after patent images surfaced of Toyota’s conception of the next Crown, which showed a cross between a sedan and a crossover SUV, Toyota has confirmed it will give the model its world premiere this coming July 15th.

Discussion over the format has actually been fed by Toyota, which asks the Sedan or SUV? question on the new mini-website dedicated to the coming model.

Note that the Crown has existed in one form or other in the Toyota universe for close to 70 years in the domestic Japanese and other global markets. This new and transformed version thus represents the 16th generation of the model. Here in North America, it’s felt the future Crown will serve as the replacement for the Avalon, which was cut from the Canadian lineup this year and will suffer the same fate south of the border in 2023.

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There is no confirmed information regarding the powertrain(s) that will make the new Crown go, but there is much speculation there will be hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants, and possibly eventually an all-electric one as well (though not necessarily for all markets). Both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations are expected.

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