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Global Lineup of Toyota Crown Models Unveiled

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  7/18/2022
Global Lineup of Toyota Crown Models Unveiled Global Lineup of Toyota Crown Models Unveiled

Last week, Toyota unveiled the Crown elevated sedan, a new model destined for the North American market. The automaker promptly turned around and presented several other models that will bear the Crown name in the global markets. There will four models, to be exact, making up that global Crown lineup.

Besides the Crown sedan-crossover mix that we met last week, the new reveals include a sportier sedan, a compact SUV, and an “estate” car, basically a wagon or almost.

Will some of these be coming to North America? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s not likely we’ll get them all.  What’s more, some of these could be marketed under the Lexus banner.

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The sedan
This car is based on the Toyota Mirai (hydrogen), which shares its platform with the Lexus LS. Could we see the return of a GS, in hybrid form only, at the Toyota Crown? Pure speculation, it remains to be seen.

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