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GM Is Working on a Self-Cleaning Touchscreen

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  2/24/2023
GM Is Working on a Self-Cleaning Touchscreen GM Is Working on a Self-Cleaning Touchscreen

•    GM has filed a patent application for a self-cleaning technology for touchscreens.

•    Via a process using photocatalysis, the screens can be cleaned automatically, or on demand by the occupants.

•    GM offers large touchscreens in its vehicles, notably those flying the Cadillac flag. Cleaning these huge surfaces is an issue.

If your vehicle is equipped with a touchscreen, you'll have noticed, as we did, that it doesn't take too long before the screen gets streaked and marked by fingerprints and dust accumulation. When the sun falls on it, a car’s screen can start to look pretty horrible. 

General Motors (GM) may have some good news on this front. Indeed, the American giant is working on a self-cleaning touchscreen. A patent for such a system was filed last week by the company with the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademark Office). 

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