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7 automotive technologies under the microscope

Author: Khatir-SoltaniPublished:  7/19/2023
7 automotive technologies under the microscope 7 automotive technologies under the microscope

Gone are the days when in-vehicle technology was limited to ABS brakes and airbags. Today, automakers are rapidly deploying a range of technological innovations and advanced driver assistance systems. The goal? To improve road safety and reduce accidents and the serious injuries they cause. Here are just a few of the technologies that serve as your daily co-pilot.

1- Automatic Emergency Braking

Some cars are now equipped with sensors and collision warning systems that provide real-time information to the on-board computer about changes in the driving environment. For example, if a pedestrian suddenly appears behind you while the car is reversing, the brakes will be applied immediately. 

Another example? If the car in front of you is braking hard, the system could sense this change, issue a potential collision alert, and brake before you do, avoiding an accident and... an insurance claim. 

2- Lane Keeping Assistance

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