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The Tesla Cybertruck delayed until 2022

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  8/9/2021
The Tesla Cybertruck delayed until 2022 The Tesla Cybertruck delayed until 2022

Tesla is forced to delay the launch of its most anticipate to date, the Cybertruck. The news was first reported by Inside EVs before Tesla confirmed the change of plans on its own website, specifically on the model's configuration tool on the official Tesla site.

Initially, production of the controversial pickup truck (due to its styling) was scheduled to begin towards the end of this year. It will finally be launched in 2022.

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This delay is not a surprise, as Tesla is a history of pushing back its deadlines and delaying the launch of its vehicles. It should be noted, however, that this year, this company was not the only one to delay model launches, especially because of the pandemic and the microchip shortage. This was the case with Rivian, which is also planning an electric pickup truck.

According to Inside EVs, the delays are caused by Tesla’s gigafactory in Texas where the Cybertruck will be assembled. Unfortunately, the company did not provide additional information.

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