Automotive News - February 2013

Land Rover Unveils World's First 9-Speed Transmission

Just like in the computer world, automotive is constantly striving for bigger, better, and faster. This line of thinking is finally catching up with transmissions, as 6 and 7 speed gearboxes are no longer fascinating car enthusiasts. While a 7-speed is certainly going to grab the attention of most people, one can't help but marvel at the idea of more gears to play with. At the Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover will proudly unveil their newest wonder, the world's first ever production model 9-speed transmission; developed in collaboration with ZF, the world leader in transmission technology.

General Motors Connecting All Models To Internet

General Motors has announced plans to connect all of it's future U.S. and Canadian models to the Internet via the 4G LTE network, currently the fastest network, promising even more connectivity between vehicles and their users. We should start to see this technology roll out in 2014 models by Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick, and GMC models in 2015. Deployed through the OnStar systems already present in roughly six million GM vehicles, the connection will be provided by telecommunications giant AT&T. This connectivity will be available with an OnStar package, and possibly with a subscription independent of the OnStar package.

The World's Fastest Mini Zooms Into Canada

Those cute, fast little cars from The Italian Job just got faster. The world's fastest Mini has hit Canada, and it's fantastic. No longer the exclusive domain of ex-pat Brits, nostalgic boomers and women, Mini's high performance John Cooper Works division has brought their speedy little GP to Canada. This model that we're about to finally get our hands on is the second generation of the GP, and is both the sportiest and the fastest production model that Mini has ever produced. This limited edition road car, was built on racetrack-developed technology. It's distinctive look is a clear identifier of the JCW brand- this isn't any ordinary Mini. While still cute, it boasts an aggressive looking front and rear, a powerful sports braking system and a roof mounted spoiler to reduce lift.

2014 Lexus IS 250 and IS 350 F Sport

The IS 250 / 350 series is certainly the sportiest of all the cars built by Lexus, the luxury subsidiary of Japanese automaker Toyota. The 2014 models have been completely redesigned, offering a surprising level of style that should surprise Lexus fans. In fact, the bold changes make the IS more distinctive, giving it an aggressive look. The first obvious change is the brand new grille and sleek new headlights accented by a bottom row of LEDs, seen as fashionable in recent years of automotive styling. Surprisingly, from a profile view, the IS looks like a BMW, which is not entirely displeasing. In general, everything in this new version of the IS aims to entice a younger audience that is eager to acquire a sporty set of wheels with qualities that exceed the usual standards. Lexus has taken a risk with the new IS, and it was well worth it, considering the results.

2014 Toyota Tundra - Designed for the North American Market

Since it's introduction to the North American market a few years ago, the Toyota Tundra has always had a difficult time beating it's major competitors. However, the Tundra possesses a number of qualities that should naturally attract a wide range of potential buyers. Nonetheless, it was very challenging to stand our from the RAM 1500, Ford F-150 or even the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and it's cousin, the GMC Sierra. For it's 2014 model, Toyota has decided to give a facelift to it's full-size pickup. Upon inspection, we discovered a new, more chiselled exterior design than we've seen in previous years.

The Prius PHV Gets Ready To Race

At the end of last September, you may have noticed an unusually slow race through the streets of Montreal. It was the 6th edition of the Rallye Vert de Montréal (Montreal Green Rally), a race featuring models that demonstrate the possibilities of cars of the future. This race is not based on speed, as the vehicles run at normal operating speeds, but rather consumption and efficiency and it's a direct way to teach the public about the emerging technologies of alternative mobility. It consists of a combination of elements. For example, the time to travel a given distance in relation to fuel consumption, based on the registered vehicle's classification of category and function. The rally is restricted to vehicles using alternative fuels and energy.

Kia Is Moving On Up

Do you remember back in the early 90's when Korean automaker Kia first hit North America? Despite riding on the coattails of Hyundai who entered the arena a few years earlier, the company struggled through nearly a decade of earning approval from consumers. In a time when "Buy American" sentiment ran strong, Korean cars were viewed as inferior not only to the big 3, but also to Japanese imports who were finally gaining acceptance and the public's interest. The economy car maker eventually gained ground during tough economic times when it offered inexpensive new cars coupled with generous10 year warranties to reassure nervous buyers.

Canadian International Auto Show Recap

We're still in the midst of auto show season here in North America, having already hosted events in Detroit, Montreal and Chicago, and Toronto's show a few days in. New York's chance will be in March, and LA towards the end of the Year. Don't forget the Biggies in Geneva, Tokyo and Paris too. It's one thing to write about what's expected to be at a show, based on an assortment of press releases from the event hosts and automotive manufacturers. It's an entirely other thing to actually attend and experience it first hand. There are so many aspects to a show that rarely seem to get written about.

Alfa Romeo unveils new 4C

As you probably know, Fiat is the majority stakeholder in Chrysler Group. After a 27 year absence, Fiat recently returned to North American markets, and is bringing it's portfolio of brands with it. Fiat owns Ferrari, Lancia, Maserati and Alfa Romeo among others. Alfa Romeo is getting ready for this year's Geneva Motor Show and is preparing to unveil it's much-anticipated production model based in it's 4C concept car. The brand is renewing it's entire European range of vehicles, including hatchbacks, sedans, convertibles and crossovers. Since the 4C concept was introduced at the Geneva show two years ago, fans have been eagerly awaiting the production model.

2014 Ford Fiesta - Performance and Fuel Economy

Presented at the most recent Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2014 Ford Fiesta is an improvement over the 2012 edition. This little subcompact has been available in North America for two years, but slow sales motivated Ford to offer a version that packaged a more attractive design and energy efficient engines. Visually, what we initially see from the new front end of the Fiesta is a view that offers more modern lines and an "Aston Martin" style grill, typical of current offerings from American manufacturers. Truthfully, it suits the car well, giving the small subcompact a sporty and aggressive look. In it's category, it's difficult to find another car as attractive as this 2014 model.

New Audi A7 Soon

The Audi A7 is one of the most stylish hatchbacks on the market. The S7 added a lot of sportiness to this large sedan. Audi's RS version is will be hitting the US soon. Will Canadians be able to get their hands on this exceptional sedan as well? The new Audi RS7, a high-performance version of the A7 sedan will be available to our southern neighbours this fall. It was unveiled at the last North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Developed by quattro GmbH, the performance subsidiary of Audi, the RS model is track tested, including 5,000 miles at full speed on the Nürburgring motorsports complex track in Germany, in order to gain the most performance and durability possible.

The Canadian International Auto Show

When the North American auto show season begins in Detroit, those of us in Toronto start getting excited, knowing that the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) in Toronto is just around the corner. Well, our wait is over, it starts this weekend! On Friday the show opens it's doors to the public, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front St. In total, attendees can expect to check out the Canadian debut of at least 32 new vehicles, none of which made it to the Montreal show a few weeks ago. While we're not aware of any worldwide debuts happening in Toronto, it's still a possibility that something will show up to surprise and delight us.

Toyota's Futuristic Fun Vii Hits Toronto

Attendees of the Toronto International Auto Show are about to get a treat. For the first time, Toyota is bringing it's very futuristic Toyota Fun Vii concept to this year's event. Originally unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, the vehicle has never made it to Canada until now. A cross between a giant smart phone, a gaming device and of course, a car; the vehicle seems to attract curiosity seekers at every stop. Revered for their technological prowess, the Japanese have simply outdone themselves with this one. The thirteen foot long three seater is just a blank canvas, waiting for a (theoretical) owner to make it his own. Forget Microsoft's talking paperclip and Apple's Siri, this baby comes with a holographic concierge lady to help you navigate it's futuristic features and guide the driver via augmented reality.

2013 Aston Martin Vanquish

The newest offering from Aston Martin, the Vanquish leaves one with absolutely no doubt why Aston Martin's cars are James Bond's preferred choice. Synonymous with Bond, the British manufacturer of luxury sports cars since 1913 is the perfect ride for any secret agent. The company's vehicles have been featured in nine Bond flicks, the Aston Martin DB5 in particular. The recently unveiled 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish doesn't come equipped with machine gun headlamps or a cement blaster, but the 183 mph (294 km/h) it gets should be able to whisk any driver to a more comfortable location. Passengers too, the new Vanquish has more room than previous models, and has more trunk space too. This dream car can shoot from 0- 100 in a mere 4.1 seconds.

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA

A new Mercedes-Benz will soon appear in showrooms across Canada. The new CLA Class, a luxury compact sedan, will arrive this fall. Built on the Class A platform sold in Europe, the 2014 CLA Class will face off against the BMW 1 Series, Cadillac ATS, Audi A3 and other small luxury cars. Presented at the North American International Auto show in Detroit, the CLA250 , powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder generating 206 horsepower, is equipped with a seven-speed transmission with dual clutch that is also found in its European sister. The three setting suspension can be calibrated on the fly, and the car can be raised 3 inches if necessary.

2014 Cadillac ELR

We've been talking about this for a long time, perhaps too long! Up until now, electric long-range vehicles have been cars for the common people. Yes, I know they are expensive, but they bear the Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet logos. Although Infiniti has a project on the go (the LE), it seems that Cadillac will be the first luxury brand to launch an electric car with an extended range. We already covered this when talking about the Cadillac Converj concept back in 2011. However, we will need to wait until 2014 to see the first copies roll off the production line and onto North American roads. Global markets including China and Europe will get access afterwards.

2014 Nissan GT-R

With each new edition of the GT-R, fans of this spectacular sports car wonder what improvements Nissan has come up with this year to shake up the market leaders by providing a high performance vehicle at an affordable price. Remember, the Nissan GT-R offers superior power and performance at a lower price than an Audi R8 or a Porsche 911 Carrera S. The 2014 does in fact bring few changes compared to last year. We agree that this is more of a refinement of earlier versions rather than offering real major changes. Inside, the GT-R comes with a carbon fibre dash around the block instrumentation, audio and air conditioning controls. The finish is still rather spartan, but that's the charm of this type of vehicle.

Pickup Sales About To Soar

Expected to outpace the broad passenger vehicle market, pickup truck sales are surging. In 2012, sales ended strongly with numbers around the 14.6 million unit mark, and 2013 numbers look like they will be even stronger with analysts predicting that the growth will continue. Trucks counted for two of the top three spots in last year's top 20 list, based on number of North American sales in 2012. Capitalizing on the trend, each of the Big 3 North American auto makers- Ford Motor Co, Chrysler Group and General Motors Co have launched revamped models of their pick up truck lines, showcasing them at the big auto shows such as the North American International Auto Show in Detroit early this year.

Mopar '13 Unveiled

For the fourth year now Chrysler has released it's customized collectible car under the Mopar label. Celebrating it's 75th anniversary last year, Mopar is the Chrysler Group's badge for their parts, service and customer care division. Just as in the previous three years, they pull a car from Chrysler's current lineup, tweak it with all of the latest technological and performance developments and create a limited edition showcase. Previously working their magic on the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and the Chrysler 300, all V-8 rear wheel drives; this year Mopar turned it's attention to the Dodge Dart, one of the newer members of the Chrysler Group's lineup.

Fiat's Panda Coming To Canada

Canadians like their small cars. All of the auto manufacturers know this. It may be the only thing saving Suzuki's presence in Canada. That's why we often get first crack at smaller, cute cars like the smart and the Mini. In other cases, the US may get a token single model while Canada gets the full line-up. Such may be the case with Fiat as they bring their new Panda MPV and their more established Punto to Canada, with no current plans to take them to the US. Buoyed by significantly higher Canadian sales than in the US (proportionally), Fiat is looking to make a bigger push up into the Canadian market. Canadian's love of small cars, often due to their lower pricing and fuel economy, combined with a more European mindset makes Canada the perfect place to gain a strong North American foothold for the affordable Italian car company.

Toyota Unveils New Tundra At Chicago Auto Show

Eschewing the prestigious auto show in Detroit, Toyota has opted to let Midwesterners have the first look at their newly redesigned 2014 Tundra pickup truck. Debuting for the first time, the world will get it's first look at the truck at the Chicago Auto Show which begins February 7. The Chicago Auto Show is traditionally heavy on trucks, which makes it the perfect venue for Toyota to launch the new Tundra as it seeks to find a place for itself with the big 3 in the crowded truck market. It's got heavy competition from the newly redesigned Ram 1500 which won North American Truck of the Year, and newly redesigned Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra models which will arrive this summer. Introduced in 2000, only 6.2% of the 2012 US truck market was captured by the Tundra. Still, it's sales climbed by over 22% which was more than any of the others.

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