Automotive News - October 2013

Volvo Working To Eliminate Batteries

#Volvo Car Group has developed a revolutionary concept that aims to improve the use of electric vehicles of the future. The material, a mixture of carbon fibres, tiny batteries and accumulators provides a lightweight solution that requires less space and is eco-friendly.

Quick Bridge Replacement

It's mentioned often in the media, the reconstruction of the Champlain Bridge, and of the Turcot Interchange. These are two major construction projects. However, there are other, smaller structures that need to be replaced. We discovered that the state of New York may have the solution to faster construction, that least affects motorists.

Fiat Strada

Elsewhere in the world, #Fiat is a leader in the truck and van markets. Fiat's little Strada pick up truck is seen all over South America, where small trucks are popular and of course, Europe.

2014 Special Service Dodge Durango

The 2014 Special Service Dodge Durango has been specifically designed for the extra demands and rigors placed on it in the line of duty. It features heavy duty components that can hold up under extreme use and high mileage usage. It comes with a pore powerful battery, a heavy duty brake package, load levelling suspension, higher-output 220 volt alternator, and a more robust water pump and engine oil cooler, which will help the vehicle to withstand high speed pursuits. The SUV is also built to handle the weight of very heavy gear and equipment that is often required on the job. A beefed up electrical system will handle all of the vehicle's computers, lights, sirens and cameras, something a typical 12-volt system simply isn't up to.

RAM ProMaster

In September 2009, when Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler ended their relationship, Mercedes also ended it's licensing deal of the Sprinter commercial, which was being sold as a Dodge Ram vehicle, effectively putting Chrysler out of that segment. At that time, Chrysler exited bankruptcy under Fiat's control. Since then, the commercial van segment has heated up, mostly due to an all new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and the brand new Nissan NV.

Nissan's Legendary Takumi

A #hand-built engine is meant to be something special and rare. The big three Detroit automakers each offer a hand-built engine program, but nothing can come close to what's found inside Nissan's Yokohama factory.

Dual-Fuel Impala Coming

GM is planning to offer a version of it's Chevrolet Impala with a special feature- the ability to switch between gasoline and natural gas. This #dual-fuel Impala will allow drivers to switch between gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG), based on which is cheapest or available at the time. The car will have one engine, and two fuel tanks on board.

EV Rentals Not Popular

The limited range of electrics is generally accepted as the reason why people just aren't lining up for them. They definitely have our interest, but the potential inconvenience is affecting both EV sales and rentals. People worry that the car's battery will die before they can get to a charging station. It's an even bigger problem with rentals, as those customers typically rent vehicles in unfamiliar places.

Will Car Financing Spell Trouble Up The Road?

It's time. With the economy in the dumps since 2007, many people held onto their vehicles longer, living more austere lives. Life is a lot easier without a car payment. The trades were unsure of their own job security, so held off on investing in new equipment and trucks too. Now that the economy seems to be rebounding, people are spending, and a new car is high on the list for many people.

Farewell Land Rover Defender

#Land Rover's Defender, a hugely iconic hit in North America is sadly being discontinued.

A Land Rover spokesman said "The Defender will go out of production by the middle of the decade due to legislative reasons," though declined to explain specifics.

Hyundai And Hockey, Together

According to a recent survey, two thirds of the parents of hockey players say that they have paid $1,000 or more every winter for their child to play in a league. Obviously this kind of money is out of reach for a lot of families, and so #Hyundai is stepping up to help. This month, for the second consecutive year, #Hyundai's Hockey Helpers program will help disadvantaged children to play in an organized hockey league. Fundraising activities will be organized at dealerships and online at In partnership with KidSport Canada, this year's program includes a public aspect, which will allow individuals and teams to organize their own fundraising through the "Hyundai 1000 Puck Challenge."

Updated 2015 Cadillac Escalade Debuts

Retaining it's cachet among celebrities and professional athletes, GM has added layers of refinement to the completely redesigned #2015 Cadillac Escalade, which made it's debut last week in New York City.

2015 Volvo V60 Sportswagon

#Volvo has announced the choice of powertrains available for it's highly anticipated V60 Sportswagon. This wagon version of the S60 sedan arrives in dealerships in January 2014, and it shouldn't disappoint performance fans.

Communauto expands Auto-Mobile In Montreal

Earlier this week, #car sharing service #Communauto announced that during the weeks to come, it will expand it's Auto-Mobile services across a wider swath of the Montreal area. Affected areas include the boroughs of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie as well as Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Auto-Mobile is Communauto's new one-way car sharing service.

Ford Fighting Pick Up Truck Wars

It's been said here a dozen times, #pick up trucks are hot right now. Pent up demand and exciting new models have trucks flying off dealer lots. The market is booming and manufacturers all want a larger share of this segment that delivers to them very generous margins. Autumn is traditionally pick up truck season. Football has started, and it's the time that manufacturers roll out their promotional campaigns.

Elio Motors Presents 3-Wheeled Car

Set to shake up the automotive world, #Elio Motors is showcasing it's 84 mpg #three-wheeled car. With plans to sell it at less than half the price of the least expensive 4-wheeled model, about $7,000, Elio is hoping to turn some heads and make people think about their options.

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

Several new technical details were recently revealed about the #2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, a car that you and I aren't likely to come across very often on Canadian roads. However, since the mechanical aspects of this beast are pretty impressive, take a few minutes to dream a little!

2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi

Beating all of the other competition, Nissan's NV200 was selected as the new generation of taxis, set to invade New York City's streets soon. This however, is not keeping other manufacturers from ogling this very lucrative taxi fleet. Although New York City is North America's largest taxi market, other cities with large densities might be interested in other brands and models. #Ford is hoping to differentiate itself with the #Ford Transit Connect Taxi.

BMW Planning Front Wheel Drive 1 Series

Hoping to expand it's entry level offerings, #BMW is planning to introduce a #front wheel drive 1 Series sedan. Sitting just below the 3 Series, this new four-door model has an internal working title of NES (New Entry-level Sedan) and it joins a new range of FWD models that are set to form part of #BMW's future line-up.

2015 Kia Quoris

No longer satisfied with being the king of cheap cars, #Kia has been trying to push upmarket for a while, look at the Cadenza. The Korean automaker, much like big brother Hyundai also isn't able to resist having a vehicle in every segment. But $70,000? That's what you'll likely pay to get your hands on Kia's #flagship sedan, which looks to be on it's way here soon, likely early next year.

2015 Honda Civic Type R

When #Honda affixes the "#Type R" badge on the back of one of it's cars, you can expect something extreme. On the European and Asian markets, this version of the Honda Civic has been around since 1997. The Honda Civic Type R is now close to retirement, as Honda is nearly ready to launch the fourth generation of it.

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