Automotive News - February 2020

2020 Lincoln Aviator Review: a Heckuva Nice Surprise

The new 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a somewhat transformed creature, and a vehicle that will pleasantly surprise those who try it. For the comfort and refinement it offers, and even for its performance on the road, this model goes beyond expectations – or at least, those that we harbored.

Ford Recalling 217,000 F-150s Over Headlamps Issue

Ford is recalling roughly 217,000 F-150 pickup trucks over an issue with the headlamps. The vehicles’ daytime running lights don’t dim as they should when the regular headlights are turned on, which could cause visibility issues for other motorists on the road.

Audi Temporarily Halts Production of its e-tron Model

Audi has been forced to temporarily halt production of its e-tron due to a battery supply problem for the electric model. Although the pause is expected to be short, it highlights a reality that traditional manufacturers are facing with the production of electric vehicles.

Kia to Recall Older Sedona and Sorento Models

Kia is issuing a recall of older versions of older Sedona minivans and Sorento SUVs. The small risk of a short circuit that could spark a fire in the engine compartment is behind the move to call nearly 230,000 vehicles into service bays.

BMW's I4 Concept to Be Unveiled in Geneva

BMW is bringing a concept version of its future i4 electric sedan to the Geneva Motor Show. Speculation is the model, roughly of 3 Series-like dimensions, will be presented in a form close to that the production version will take.

150 Accessories for the Ford Bronco

When the new Ford Bronco arrives at dealerships, buyers will have an accessories list counting 150 items to pick from. Clearly Ford is borrowing here from the fruitful formula used for the future model’s number-one rival, the Jeep Wrangler.

No New Products, Generations from Mazda Until 2023

Mazda will not produce any major new products or model generations for the next two years as it works on its new large, high-end platform, to be ready by 2023. The company is counting on the new Skyactiv-X engine – and its new CX-30 and MX-30 models - to stimulate sales in the interim.

Are Government Incentives Still Needed for EVs?

The question of the continued relevance or utility of government incentives designed to encourage consumers to choose electric vehicles comes up regularly, and should. In Canada we happen to have an instructive case study that helps provide the answer - at this moment in time.

Volkswagen Teases new GTI Ahead of Debut in Geneva

Volkswagen has teased its new Golf GTI ahead of the variant’s big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next month. At the same time it’s remaining tight-lipped about the specs of the popular variant, although rumour has it it could get an output of 242 hp or even 255 hp.

Buying temporary car insurance

Did you know that in France, you can take out temporary car insurance for short periods only? This is a newly created service that insurers have started to offer in the country.Saviez-vous qu’en France, vous pouvez souscrire une assurance auto temporaire pour des périodes courtes uniquement ? Il s'agit d'un service nouvellement créé que les assureurs ont commencé à offrir dans le pays.

Hyundai to Present new Prophecy EV concept at Geneva Auto Show

Hyundai has announced it has yet another new all-electric prototype up its sleeve, that it plans to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. The first teaser image of the Prophecy shows a Porsche-like back end that is miles distant from the 45 concept EV recently shown in Montreal.

Kia Reveals 2021 Sorento Ahead of Geneva Debut

Kia has revealed official images of the 2021 Kia Sorento, including of the interior, ahead of the big premiere of the SUV at the Geneva auto show. In general, it’s safe to say the safeness of the old Sorento is gone, replaced by a more striking interior environment.

In Germany, Tesla at Odds With… Environmentalists?

First unexploded bombs, now… environmentalists? A German court has put a temporary stop to construction of Tesla’s gigafactory in the country after a court injunction was obtained by protestors worried about the impact on the local environment.

Comparison: 2020 Honda Pilot vs 2020 Hyundai Palisade

How to choose between the 2020 Honda Pilot and the 2020 Hyundai Palisade. Auto123 compares the master versus a new challenger for the midsize SUV throne, which has made a successful entrance to the category over the past year.

Return of the Toyota MR2 on the Back Burner

Those dreaming of the return of the Toyota MR2 will have to be patient. The company says its focus is instead on developing the next 86, so the second generation of that model will come first.

Mazda Recalling Around 44,000 2016 CX-5 SUVs

Mazda is recalling some 44,000 CX-5s over a potential problem with the vehicles’ LED daytime running lights. The LED circuit could get corroded and cause the lights to fail. Close to 7,000 vehicles in Canada are affected by the recall.

Route 66: A Guy Thing or an Ideal Family Road Trip?

We tend to think of Route 66 as a guy thing, but the iconic road through the United States is so much more than just that. Our recent trip south and west on the Mother Road made us realize just how much it can also be all about family fun.

First Autonomous Drive System on the Way at Lexus

Lexus has confirmed that it’s on track to offer a first partially autonomous driving system with its LS sedan by the end of this year. For now, we're talking about a Level 2 system, or one that still requires the driver's attention.

Discounts Are Appearing for the Jeep Gladiator

After a strong start following the model’s launch last year, sales of the Jeep Gladiator sales have leveled off in recent months, and so we now are starting to see the first incentives appear. The model is the most expensive in the Jeep lineup, and it also sells the least.

2020 Acura RDX Review: This is How You Do It

The 2020 Acura RDX, on its second year after it major overhaul, is an excellent choice in the premium compact SUV segment, with a lot working in its favour and very little not. A sporty luxury crossover that drives like a sporty car or almost, for less than any equivalent German will cost you.

An Electric Future for the Volkswagen Passat?

A statement last week from VW North America COO Johan de Nysschen seemed to hint at the next-generation Passat going electric. The model was a hot seller for the company after its launch in 2012, but sales have been dropping like a tossed ship’s anchor in recent years, forcing the company to consider other solutions.

Chicago 2020: A More Capable Honda Civic Type R in 2020

At the Chicago Auto Show, Honda presented an upgraded 2020 Civic Type R at the Chicago Auto Show this week. In addition to getting a boost in power, the main changes have to do with tuning adjustments that should push the driving experience a little further still.

10 Things to Know about the New 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Auto123 headed to the City of Angels to meet the redesigned 2021 Cadillac Escalade, in the company of actor-director Spike Lee. We finally got to see up close the new curved-screen OLED technology that has no equivalent in the industry currently.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Review: The Anti-Prius

The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is in some ways a Prius in a more conventional package. Though of course you also get all the other qualities of this trusty, roomy, reliable sedan while paying considerably less at the pump than with a “regular” Corolla.

The Next Ford Mustang Scheduled for 2022

According to a job advertisement published by Ford, the next generation Ford Mustang is expected to be available in the 2023 model year. The new Mustang was originally scheduled to debut this year, but the company obviously has other plans for the next two years.

Ferrari is Suing a Charity over a Name

Ferrari is suing a charity that owns the rights to name it wants to use. The Scuderia plans to use the name Purosangue for its first SUV, but a charity organization has owned the rights to the name since 2013.

Cadillac Recalling CTS V-Sport Models

Cadillac will recall 2866 of its CTS-V Sport models, starting on March 9. The problem involves defective parts within the rear differential. If these were to break, the rear wheels could lock up.

Dodge Durango and Hellcat Engine Confirmed

The Dodge Durango Hellcat is on its way and will be unveiled to the public at the New York Auto Show this coming spring. The clue that spilled the beans on the news was embedded in one of the ads that ran during last Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Volkswagen Finally Presents its Taigun

Volkswagen presents a very small SUV named Taigun. Unfortunately, this one won't be made available here in North America, even if from looking at it we’d be willing to bet it would prove a big hit on our market.

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