Automotive News - January 2021

2021 Nissan Rogue Review : A Welcome… and Successful Update

It's clear, the 2021 Nissan Rogue is greatly improved with this new redesign, in fact it’s now equipped to do even battle in its very tough segment. Not everything is perfect, but Nissan is heading in the right direction with a model that is crucial to the brand's future.

Tesla Brings Updates to its Model S

Tesla is making several changes to its Model S. For one, the interior gets an even more futuristic interior and for two, a variant offering 837 km of range is on the way. Perhaps we can thank new rivals like Porsche’s Taycan and the Ford Mustang Mach-E for the renewed fine-tuning over at Tesla…

2022 Hyundai Tucson N Line Presented for Europe

The European version of the 2022 Hyundai Tucson N Line 2022 has just been presented for consumers on the Old Continent. It gives North Americans a chance to get a good first look at the model ahead of its debut here later this year.

A BMW M5 CS Making 627 HP Coming for 2022

BMW has announced a CS version of its M5 for 2022. This limited-run new variant will deliver enhanced performance capabilities, notably thanks to an output from its powertrain of 627 hp, but also because the overall weight is being reduced by 230 lb.

Dealers Tell Nissan a New Xterra Would Be Great

Its U.S. dealers are letting Japanese automaker Nissan know that they would like to see the Xterra return. The Nissan Xterra was once a very popular car, but its career fell on hard times and came to a rather sad end in 2015.

Two Ford Bronco Prototypes Damaged in Trailer Fire

Two Ford Bronco prototypes were heavily damaged when the trailer transporting them caught fire. Thankfully and most crucially, there were no injuries. And to the relief of many, the fried prototypes were not destined for consumers.

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Review: The Great Outdoor

The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek got mild updates as it seeks to continue its love affair with Canadian motorists – the Impreza-derived crossover has become the brand’s top seller in the Great White North. We test drove the new Outdoor trim, one of two to feature the bigger 2.5L engine new to the range.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander To Be Revealed February 16

Mitsubishi has shared a few camo images of its next-gen Outlander and announced the reveal of the SUV will take place February 16. This next edition is highly anticipated because it will be the first big overhaul in many moons of the model, which will borrow some of the new Nissan Rogue’s components.

Vietnamese SUVs Are Coming to North America

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has introduced two new electric SUVs and says it will bring them to the North American market in 2022. The first of them is expected to be ready in the summer of 2022.

2021 Nissan Versa First Drive: Risky Bet or Calculated Move?

Auto123 gets in a first test drive of the new 2021 Nissan Versa, a car making a return to a segment that has been largely abandoned by the competition lately. Success is far from assured, however, as the Versa will have to contend with the subcompact SUVs that constitute its true competition.

$155,000 for a NASCAR Car Driven by Jeff Gordon

A NASCAR car that was driven by Jeff Gordon has just sold for $155,000 USD online via the Bring a Trailer website. Apparently, that's the price to pay to get your hands on a car driven by a four-time champion.

All-Electric Mercedes-AMG Models Are On the Way

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that some of the EQ all-electric models it’s launching in the coming years will get AMG performance versions. There’s no word on which ones, but it won’t be all of them.

Buick Shows Reworked 2022 Enclave SUV

Buick previewed its revised 2022 Buick Enclave with a couple of images, though no other details. The automaker plans to launch the SUV later on in 2021, so expect more details to drop on a regular basis.

BMW Says Electric M Model Coming This Year

BMW has confirmed that the first electric car to come out of its M performance division will see the light of day this year. Speculation is that will be an M Performance variant of the all-electric i4 sedan already presented by the German automaker.

Porsche Unveils New Taycan Variant With Rear-Wheel Drive

Porsche adds a fourth version to the Taycan lineup, this time in the form of a base-model rear-wheel drive model. Sadly for fans of RWD driving here, the new variant will not be offered in Canada, but given the success the Taycan has enjoyed since its debut, we can expect more variants to be added to the lineup.

2021 Land Rover Defender Review: It’s Baaaack!

The 2021 Land Rover Defender represents the return of yet another iconic nameplate to active duty. The model is certainly recognizable as a Land Rover and there’s some of the old Defender there, but it’s still a revolutionary change for the model. Here’s our review.

Mercedes-Benz Unveils the EQA 250

Mercedes-Benz presented the latest addition to its electric range, the EQA 250. For the moment, the model is destined specifically for the European market, but the German automaker is looking at the possibility of bringing it to North America.

NACTOY 2021 Winners Announced: The New and the Old

NACTOY last week announced its choices for 2021 Car, Utility and Truck of the Year, and their picks highlight how the industry is changing at a breathtaking pace. We take a look at the industry’s past, present and future, all wrapped in one announcement.

Delivery Delays for the Ford Mustang Mach-E

Unspecified quality issues affecting several hundred units of the Mustang Mach-E have led Ford to perform extra inspections and tests on them. It’s estimated that delivery delays could stretch up to eight weeks.

2021 Canadian Car, Utility of the Year: AJAC Names Category Finalists

The AJAC (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) has named the category finalists for its 2021 Canadian Car of the Year and Utility of the Year awards. Category winners will be revealed on February 20, and the overall winners at a later date, yet to be announced. In the meantime, let the arguing begin.

Nokian Tyres Launches New One All-Season Tire

Well-established in the global winter tire sector, including in Canada, Finnish manufacturer Nokian Tyres has set itself the mission of further solidifying its presence in North America in all tire segments. Here is its new all-season tire, the Nokian One.

Kia Gives a Preview of its Future Electric Models

Kia has given us a peek at the roster of electric vehicles that it plans to offer in the near-future. And not only does this group tease include vehicles destined for the general public, it also features models designed for commercial use.

GM Working on All-Electric Corvette SUV?

If we’re to believe current rumours floating around the internet, General Motors is working on a project to develop an all-electric SUV inspired by the Corvette. If Ford can do it with its Mustang…

2021 Genesis G70 Review: Luxury Without Status

The 2021 Genesis G70 KOs the competition when it comes to bang for buck but delivers too little status for some, hence its inability thus far to garner the kinds of sales numbers that should by rights belong to such an award-winning car.

The next BMW X1/X2 Could Bring With It the iX1/iX2

The renewal of the BMW X1 and X2 is likely to give birth to electric variants, which would answer to the names iX1 and iX2. We can expect revised styling for the next-gen SUVs, not to mention they’ll both likely be bigger than before.

Sony's Electric Car in On-Road Testing in Europe

As part of CES, Sony has released a video showing its Vision-S concept being tested on European roads. We still don't know what the company's plans are exactly, but images like this are sure to provide grist for the rumour mill.

Production of 2022 Acura Officially Underway

Production of the 2022 Acura MDX is officially underway at Honda’s assembly plant in East Liberty, Ohio. The first completed units should begin arriving at dealerships in February, which is unusually early… for a next-model-year vehicle.

The Kia Sedona Could Become the Kia Carnival in 2022

The Kia Sedona could become the Kia Carnival in 2022 in the U.S., according to NHTSA documents that have come to light – thus adopting the name it already uses in its home market of South Korea. We’re working to find out if the Canadian market will also get the Carnival nameplate.

Hyundai Previews All-Electric Ioniq 5 SUV

Hyundai has shared details and a few images of the first vehicle to come from its new all-electric vehicle brand. The Ioniq 5 SUV will be presented in full in February at an online event.

Cadillac Previews Celestiq All-Electric Sedan at CES

Cadillac previewed its upcoming Celestiq electric sedan at the CES in Las Vegas. Little is known about the model at this time, but we can guess that it will inherit many of the components and features being prepared for the Lyriq SUV, set to debut in 2022.

Detroit Auto Show Cancelled for 2021

The Detroit Auto Show has been cancelled for 2021. In fact, some events will take place and be twinned with another automotive gathering scheduled in Michigan, but the full show will only return for 2022.

Hyundai confirms Kona N Is On the Way

Hyundai has confirmed the arrival of an N variant of its Kona SUV. Few details have been given at this time, but Hyundai promises more information in the coming weeks.

The New GM Logo: Radically Different

GM has just significantly changed its logo to reflect the shift it's about to make towards electric mobility. The design we knew was essentially unchanged since 1964.

My Top 10 Most Notable Car Reviews of 2020

2020 was easy for exactly no one, but at Auto123 we nonetheless test-drove a number of models that made an impression on us. Here are 10 models that caught the attention of our collaborator Daniel Rufiange.

Generation E: General Motors' New Vision

GM today unveiled its strategy for the next five years, a plan based on an aggressive move towards electric mobility. The new GM logo presented at the same time reflects the company's new focus.

Comparison: 2021 Kia Seltos vs 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

How to choose between the 2021 Kia Seltos and 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer? We size up these in-between sizes and pick a favourite. Canadians love fuel-efficient small SUVs with all-wheel-drive, so both of these should make a lot of shortlists this year.

The Mustang Outpaces Challenger and Camaro in 2020

In 2020, the Ford Mustang was once again – for the sixth straight year in fact - the top-selling muscle car in the U.S. The Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro finished up the track behind it, in second and third.

Jeep Unveils Seven-Seat 2021 Grand Cherokee L

There's something new in the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup as the new generation debuts in 2021, with a new seven-seat L version, just unveiled. The regular version, as well as a hybrid variant, is expected later this year.

Honda and Acura Electric SUVs Built by GM?

According to new reports, a Honda electric SUV to be built by GM is in the works. The agreement between the two manufacturers, which dates to last April, also calls for an Acura SUV to be assembled by General Motors.

Kia Rolls Out New Logo, New Slogan

Kia starts off its 2021 with the presentation of its new logo and accompanying new slogan. The new branding comes as the Korean automaker undertakes a major shift towards electric mobility, fueled by $25 billion USD in investments.

Is Chrysler’s Existence in Peril?

With the merger of the PSA and FCA groups now official, the future of some brands suddenly appears less certain. And many eyes are turning first to Chrysler, a nearly-century-old brand that currently has all of two models on its roster.

Toyota Trademarks Grand Highlander Name

Toyota recently filed to trademark the Grand Highlander name. Protecting a name doesn’t guarantee a new vehicle bearing the name will result, of course, but it does open the door to some innocent speculating. Might Toyota be thinking to developing a stretched version of its Highlander SUV?

Fisker Teases Electric Pickup In Development

Fisker has just teased a first image of the electric pickup truck it is working on. Henrik Fisker took pains to explain the model is still embryonic and could end up looking quite different, but this teaser reveals what looks more like a Honda Ridgeline than a Toyota Tacoma.

Honda Invents a “Mask” For Your Vehicle

Honda has developed a technology that acts as a mask for your vehicle. In fact, it is a protective layer placed on the cabin air filter, and its purpose is to protect occupants from any virus that could be spread through the air. How timely.

Route 66: The Vehicle that Inspired the Film Cars

Route 66 just barely nicks the state of Kansas, but that’s where you’ll find Galena and the muse for the Car movie. That’s right, there sits the tow truck that inspired one of the film’s characters This is our fourth and final stop as Auto123 revisits many of the memorable places along this mythical route.

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