Automotive News - April 2021

2022 Kia Carnival Review: Not Your Parents’ Minivan

The successor to the Korean automaker’s Sedona minivan in its North American lineup, the transformed 2022 Carnival is the minivan concept reimagined by Kia in a bold attempt to capture motorists with families for whom minivans just don’t cut it, coolness-wise. Here’s our review.

GM Introduces New Ultium Charge 360 Application

General Motors' new Ultium Charge 360 application will soon allow EV drivers to easily search for nearly 60,000 charging stations in Canada and the U.S. with just a few clicks of the mouse to find out where to recharge their EV’s battery pack.

Simplicity and Something: Honda Plays Up New Interior Design Concept

Honda has previewed the design signature for the interiors of its future models. Simplicity and Something, as the automaker calls it, seeks to combine the simplicity of a streamlined, airy, user-friendly approach to the interior functions with the extra intangible elements that can make consumers love a vehicle’s interior environment.

2021 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Review: The Bar Is Raised, Again

The 2021 Ford F-150 EcoBoost, the variant of choice for many consumers, features a host of innovations for the model's major overhaul for the new year, but nothing that will make the model's fans feel out of place. And there are a lot of those fans, in case that was still a secret (it’s not).

Hyundai Dropping the Electric Kona in South Korea

Hyundai has announced it is going to stop selling the Kona Electric in South Korea. Considering that this is the company's home market, that’s a surprise, but recalls driven by fire risks have undermined the model's reputation, with sales inevitably falling. Now, the focus will be on the company’s Ioniq EVs.

BMW Says It Will Have Solid-State Battery Vehicles By 2030

BMW is promising a concept car with solid-state batteries as soon as 2025, and a production version in 2030. The technology, which is also in development at other manufacturers, will increase vehicle range and reduce charging time, while remaining compact in size.

Volkswagen Canada Announces Pricing for Taos

Volkswagen Canada has announced the pricing ladder for its new Taos SUV. Basically, three versions will be on the menu, with the base model selling for about $3,000 less than its equivalent in the Tiguan lineup.

Volvo Canada Going Green… Even in the Office

Volvo Canada today announced a partnership with Canadian green energy provider Bullfrog Power that will see the carmaker’s corporate office powered by 100-percent green electricity. Globally, the automaker intends to attain full climate neutrality in its operations by 2040.

Owner Logs 940,000 km On His 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

At 18 years of age, Steve Stone bought himself a brand-new 1963 Chevrolet Corvette; now, almost 60 years later, he still owns that car and is approaching the 1 million km mark on the odometer. Here’s one impressive feat, and a great story.

Matchbox Miniatures Also Going Green

Matchbox is undertaking a green shift of its own, and moving to “greener” toys. For one thing that means more miniature electric models, but for another it means the company is going back to using old-school cardboard packaging (recycled, of course).

Two Major Recalls at Subaru

Subaru is issuing two major recalls involving hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Mainly, the recalled vehicles are Crosstrek, Impreza and Forester models of recent vintage. The automaker says both recalls will take effect in June.

Kia’s Forte Could Become the K3 in 2022

The Kia Forte could well change its name in 2022. Indications are that Kia is going to harmonize the name of this model around the world, as it did with the Optima-become-K5 recently and as it’s doing this year with the Carnival minivan, formerly the Sedona.

Shanghai 2021: 2022 Lexus ES Introduced, Sporting Mild Changes

Lexus today presented the revised 2022 ES sedan at the 2021 Shanghai auto show today as part of the event’s media day spate of reveals. The sedan gets some mild exterior and interior revisions for its mid-cycle update, and an F Sport edition for the hybrid variant.

Shanghai 2021: BMW iX Enters the Picture

It was show-and-tell day at the Shanghai Auto Show, and one of the many big presentations was the debut of the BMW iX. The all-electric SUV, which started life as the iVision Next prototype, gets BMW’s brand-new Operating System 8 and the latest iDrive system from the German automaker.

Shanghai 2021: Genesis Electrifies its G80 sedan

Genesis has unveiled its first all-electric model and we won't have any trouble recognizing it. The company has chosen to electrify its G80 sedan as a first step towards going green. The Electrified G80 was presented today at the Shanghai auto show, 2021 edition.

2021 Mazda CX-30 Review: Roomier But Less Dynamic Than the 3

The Mazda CX-30 crossover offers some undeniable advantages over its close cousin the Mazda3, with which it shares a platform. But the surplus in size might not be great enough to overcome the deficit this model suffers from elsewhere in comparison with the 3 sedan/hatchback. Maybe try both when you visit the dealer.

Finally, the Hyundai Santa Cruz Makes its Entrance

Hyundai put on an online presentation of the long-awaited 2022 Santa Cruz pickup truck today. The model is of course not a typical pickup, but it is whistling a familiar tune, one we’ve heard from Honda with its up-to-now-unique Ridgeline model.

NHTSA Looks into Airbag Issue Affecting 750,000 GM Vehicles

NHTSA has opened an investigation into a potential problem with airbags in some 750,000 General Motors vehicles produced under the Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC banners. In fact, the problem could cause the airbags to fail to deploy in the event of an accident.

Yamaha Announces 496-HP Electric Motor for EVs

Yamaha has announced that it will offer an electric motor specifically designed for electric cars. The unit, which is very compact, offers great possibilities to auto manufacturers with specific needs.

2021 Genesis GV80 Review: The Hard Part Comes Now

The 2021 Genesis GV80 is an impressive and all-new luxury SUV that, on paper, has everything it takes to succeed. The challenge for Korean automaker Genesis is what's next for this new product, which enters an arena populated by some pretty fearsome rivals. Here’s our review.

Hyundai Remakes Old Pony Into Ultra-Cool EV

Hyundai gave one of its design teams the rather fun task of remaking an old Pony with an electric powertrain and redesigned interior. The one-off project is equal parts tribute, work of art and demonstration of EV know-how.

Dodge Will Build More 2021 Durango SRT Hellcats

With demand outpacing the supply it had planned first time around, Dodge says it will build more of its Durango SRT Hellcat for 2021. How many more exactly is not yet known, but most expect it won’t be a huge production run.

A First Look at the Volkswagen ID.6

Volkswagen has given a sneak peek of another new electric model upcoming from its ID division. The automaker will actually present two versions of the ID.6 SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show, which is scheduled for the third week of April.

Trailsport: Honda Turns its Gaze Off The Road

Without too much fanfare, Honda has been working on the launch of a new sub-division dedicated to off-road driving. The Trailsport brand will consist of variants of existing models adapted to offer improved rough-and-tumble capabilities. Here’s the new brand logo for you.

An Electric Cadillac Escalade by 2024?

Cadillac wants to have an electric version of its Escalade ready for consumers by 2024, according to a report by the Detroit News, which cites people familiar with the project.

Cause of Tiger Woods Crash Revealed: 140 km/h in a 72 km/h Zone

The vehicle that Tiger Woods was driving when he crashed was travelling at about 140 km/h when he went off the road. The speed limit in the area is the equivalent of 72 km/h. So speed is clearly at least partially to blame - in addition, perhaps, to carelessness and clumsiness.

Another Corvette C8 Falls off Lift, Is Destroyed

Another Chevrolet Corvette has fallen off a service bay lift and been wrecked in the process. We reported on an identical story last year, proving that there really is a right – and wrong – way to lift the new C8. Maybe this service centre’s technicians should have read our piece from a year ago…

An Electric Chevrolet Silverado Will Definitely Happen

Chevrolet has made it official: it too will have its electric pickup truck to offer consumers. The Americna automaker also announced the future all-electric version of the Silverado will be built alongside the electric Hummer. This tells us to expect a complete sharing of the mechanics of the models, which is good news for the model and for Chevy fans.

Next Toyota 86 Makes its Virtual Debut

Toyota has presented the next generation of its 86 sports car, the close cousin of the Subaru BRZ if you recall. As expected, the aesthetic differences are minor, but still, the front end is quite distinct, and Toyota promises distinctive handling capabilities.

GMC Hummer EV SUV Makes Debut

This weekend GMC presented the SUV version of the GMC Hummer EV. Its performance capabilities are pretty head-turning, but no consumers will get their hands on one for a while: the model goes into production only in early 2023, ans it will be sold as a 2024 model.

Here are the Finalists of the 2021 World Car Awards

The folks behind the 2021 World Car Awards have announced the list of finalist vehicles in contention to win one of the five awards it will present on April 20. The jury, made of automotive journalists from around the world, will have to make some tough choices.

A Tesla-Toyota Partnership Might Be in the Works

Toyota and Tesla are reportedly close to finalizing a partnership to jointly develop an electric-vehicle platform. This is according to a report by one of the three major South Korean newspapers, Chosun Ilbo.

Hyundai Previews Long-Awaited Santa Cruz Pickup

In anticipation of the official unveiling of its Santa Cruz pickup on April 15, Hyundai has unveiled some images of the long-promised and long-delayed truck. It’s no secret this will be one highly original model on the automotive landscape, one sure add some spice to the market.

All About the 2022 Genesis GV70: Let's Get to It!

It was an invitation we couldn’t refuse: Auto123 visited to a Genesis boutique to discover the new GV70, a model that frankly has all the required bits and pieces to succeed. The question is, will buyers make that success happen?

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