Automotive News - July 2021

Rivian Registers Eight More Vehicle Names

The Rivian company has registered eight more vehicle names, which is of course an invitation to make educated guesses as to the fledgling electric automaker’s plans. For now, it's not clear what types of models are planned, but the firm's intentions will be known sooner rather than later.

The Ecto-1 Returns in the next Ghostbusters movie

Everybody’s favourite hearse is back: The famous 1959 Cadillac from the original Ghostbusters movie series will be back in service in the newest installment of the series. A new trailer just released shows the old Caddy centre stage in a starring role.

Consumer Reports Fingers 12 Oil-Burning Engines from the 2010s

Consumer Reports magazine has published a list of the 12 engines used in 2010-2019 models that burned the most oil, according to data it has collected. The engines belong to several manufacturers, notably Volvo, Audi, GM, BMW and Subaru. Volkswagen, Acura and Mini also each had an engine on the list of shame.

New Details Drop About the 2022 Toyota Tundra

Toyota has teased a little more of its upcoming 2022 Tundra, this time showing bits of the interior and revealing more technical details. Of note, at least one version of the model will benefit from low-speed cruise control for off-road driving.

The Upcoming Ford Maverick Makes a Quick Visit

Auto123 got to shake hands and get all touchy-feely last week with a pre-production version of the new Ford Maverick, a pocket pickup that enters a budding segment. Ford did not give permission to drive the hybrid version it presented, but the visit did serve to give us a better feel for the scale, dimensions and interior environment of the truck.

Ford Bronco First Edition Selling on eBay for $150,000

A Ford Bronco First Edition has just appeared on eBay, and the asking price is $150,000. Only 7,000 of this variant were produced, and Ford is out of them. So the seller is hoping someone out there is willing to pay more than double the original asking price.

GM Shares Images of a Four-Seat Corvette Prototype Made in 1963

General Motors has shared images of a unique four-seat Chevrolet Corvette concept. The photos show a 1963 model with a 2+2 configuration. The car was never actually driveable and the prototype was, tragically, eventually destroyed as was common with concepts at the time.

Volkswagen Shows Off Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept

Volkswagen has presented the Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept, basically the regular SUV given a shock R treatment. VW has no plans that we know of to actually produce and market this performance version here or anywhere, but fans can always try saying Pretty Please.

Rivian Plans Second North American Plant

Rivian wants to build a second plant in North America. The planning process is already underway and several states have expressed interest in receiving the facility. Construction could begin in early 2022.

Hyundai Canada Announces Pricing for 2022 Santa Cruz Pickup

Hyundai Canada has just released pricing for its 2022 Santa Cruz pickup truck. Some fans that have been waiting for the new model will be disappointed, as the bar is being set higher here than in the U.S.: you won't be able to get your hands on a Santa Cruz for less than $40,000 CAD, with shipping and preparation costs.

Lightning Melts the Interior of a Ford Super Duty

A bolt of lightning has made short work of the interior of a Ford Super Duty. And no, we’re not talking about a new F-150 Lightning electric truck destroying one of its gas-powered brethren. An actual lightning bolt passed through the windshield of the truck and destroyed pretty much everything in its path.

Audi's Electric Models Will Retain a Traditional Grille

Audi's future electric models will sport a traditional front grille. Even if the design of an electric vehicle allows for a different approach, since cooling is no longer a concern, the brand wants to keep its classic grille, a strong symbol of the company's styling language.

Volkswagen Confirms ID.8 SUV

Volkswagen has confirmed that another electric SUV will be joining its ID model lineup. The automaker has not confirmed whether the ID.8 will be sold in North America, but considering its format is similar to that of the Atlas, a model developed for our market, it seems pretty certain we will see it here.

GMC Confirms a Second Electric Pickup Truck

GMC has confirmed what was long speculated, which is that it will add a second electric pickup to its lineup. At some point after the Hummer EV debuts, then, consumers will get an electric version of the Sierra model.

The Debuts of the Rivian R1T and R1S Are Delayed Again

Rivian has announced to its customers that its first two vehicles will see their debuts slightly delayed, once again. This time, the fledgling automaker is talking about September and fall arrivals for the R1T pickup and R1S SUV, respectively.

Jeep Canada Announces Pricing for the 2022 Compass

Jeep introduced a redesigned version of its Compass at the Chicago Auto Show, and the Canadian division has just announced pricing. The 2022 edition comes in five flavours and gets a starting price of $28,695 CAD. Though if you want all-wheel drive, you’ll pay more than that.

Classic Volkswagen Westfalia joins the Lego Family

The Lego company is adding another Volkswagen classic to its family of vehicles ready to be assembled. The second-generation Type 2 van will be available as of August 1; the company first produced a Lego edition of the first generation back in 2010.

35-inch Tire Option Coming Soon to the Jeep Wrangler

Jeep will soon offer 35-inch tires on select 2021 models, for example with the Wrangler's new Xtreme Recon package. It remains to be seen if this will be limited to just certain Wrangler models or make its way to the Gladiator pickup, for instance.

NHTSA Issues New Warning Regarding Chevrolet Bolt Fire Risk

NHTSA has issued a new warning about an earlier recall of the Chevrolet Bolt electric model. Even if their vehicle was repaired under that recall, owners are being advised to park their Bolt outside, as two new fires have been reported involving repaired models.

2021 Subaru WRX/STi Review: Playing in the Dirt

Here’s to having some good clean dirty summer fun: we headed to the brand-new Oro Station Motor Circuit in Ontario last week for a chance to drive the 2021 Subaru WRX/STi duo on the asphalt and in the dirt. It was a fitting swansong to the current generation of the Subaru performance-car duo.

Mercedes-Benz Set to Accelerate Electrification Schedule

Mercedes-Benz is set to make an announcement that it is revising its electrification plans. In fact, the company is expected to move up its timetable, which will accelerate the retirement of the combustion engine from the brand’s lineup of vehicles.

The Ford F-150 Diesel-Engine Version Is Off the Table

Ford is no longer offering a diesel-engine equipped F-150 pickup. The truth is that version is less powerful than the turbo-fed F-150s and doesn't really offer any advantages over them, and it couldn't attract buyers in large enough numbers.

Ram 1500 Gets New BackCountry Version for 2022

While we await Ram’s first electric pickup truck, due in 2024, the automaker is introducing a new variant of its 1500 truck this week. The BackCountry, as its name suggests, is designed to optimize backcountry exploration.

New Brunswick Now Offers an Electric Vehicle Incentive

New Brunswick now has its own incentive program for the purchase of an electric vehicle. The rebate amount is $5,000, which comes on top of the $5,000 incentive offered by the federal government for a total reduction on the purchase price of eligible vehicles to $10,000.

Subaru Marks Milestone of 20 Million AWD Vehicles Made

Subaru recently hit a meaningful milestone, as it built the 20 millionth all-wheel-drive vehicle in its history last month. The first so-equipped Subaru hit the market in 1972, and the brand has been all AWD all the time (or almost) since 1996.

Jeep Teases 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV

As part of Stellantis’ big EV Day presentation, Jeep provided a first look at the production-version Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid variant set to join the lineup for 2022. Expect 4xe versions of every model in the Jeep lineup before too long.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness First Drive: Into the Wild

The 2022 Subaru Outdoor Wilderness delivers proof you don't need to be driving a big 4x4 to venture far into the wild – or at least, miles from the nearest paved road. Here's our first drive review of a very variant that will speak to fans of the brand and of getting lost in the great outdoors.

Bigger, More Powerful 2022 BMW 2 Series Debuts

BMW has presented its revised 2022 BMW 2 Series model, bigger than previous and more powerful too. Other point of note: BMW’s famous/infamous oversized double-kidney grille is absent from the new design.

2021 Honda Civic Type R Review: One Last Lap

Frankly, this fifth generation of Honda’s resident bad boy deserves a last, informal tribute. Here are seven reasons why the 2021 Honda Civic Type R is a downright remarkable sports car, on any number of levels.

2022 Lexus NX: 10 Things Worth Knowing

Auto123 went to Kingston, Ontario to get a closer look at the new 2022 Lexus NX. Here are 10 things worth knowing about the reworked SUV and about the new role it will play on the company’s roster.

Tesla Cybertruck Will Keep its Shape As Is, Says Musk

Never one to back down from a scrap, Tesla boss Elon Musk said last week the future Cybertruck pickup will largely retain the controversial shape of the prototype, and get 4-wheel steering capabilities to make it more maneuverable.

One Million Electric Vehicles on German Roads

In July, Germany will reach an important goal it had set for itself of having one million electric vehicles on its roads. Incentives have helped, of course, but the number is symbolic, as those who drive an electric vehicle are not likely to go back.

2022 Genesis GV70 First Drive: Getting Real

The 2022 Genesis GV70 luxury compact SUV is easily the most important new model produced to date by the Korean automaker. It enters by far the biggest segment the company has competed in to date, and it’s believed it could all on its own double Genesis’ overall sales figures over the next year or two in Canada.

Ford Trademarks the Rattler Name

Ford has filed a registration application for the name Rattler. It's not known what model it will be for, but the rumor machine is already talking about an off-road version of the new Maverick compact pickup.

Nissan Teases a First View of Yet Another Electric Crossover

Even as it gets set to launch its first electric SUV in the form of the Ariya, Nissan has just revealed a teaser image of another future all-electric crossover that’s in the pipeline. The Japanese automaker is signaling this as a global product, meaning we can expect it in North America.

Chevrolet Confirms a Silverado ZR2 Is Coming

Chevrolet has confirmed that a ZR2 version is in the works for its Silverado pickup, possibly as soon as 2022. The off-road package, which has quite a name for itself with the Colorado midsize truck, is one of the most effective of its type on the market. Silverado fans are drooling.

Ford Will Idle Production at Some U.S. Plants in July and August

Ford says that several of its factories in the U.S. are going to shut down for a few weeks in July and August due to the microchip shortage. The chronic shortage must be frustrating to no end for the carmaker at a time when demand for models like the F-150 and the new Bronco is sky high as we inch out of the pandemic.

Porsche Preparing a Worldwide Recall of Taycan

Porsche is reported to be preparing a global recall of 2020 and 2021 editions of its Taycan EV, due to a potential sudden loss of power. The root of the problem is believed to lie in the model’s 12-volt auxiliary battery, more specifically a software glitch connected to it.

2021 Kia K5 GT Review: The Battle Isn’t Won

Auto123 reviews the new 2021 Kia K5 GT, just to see if all the good things being said about it are true. See what we thought of this car and what it takes to make it in the mid-size sedan segment today.

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