Automotive News - October 2021

GM Wants to Sell More Electric Vehicles than Tesla by 2025

General Motors wants to become a bigger player in the EV sector than Tesla, starting in 2025. This is a bold statement that will require GM to speed up its electrification process. Many of the EV models that will be needed to achieve this goal are expected in 2023 and 2024.

Kia Niro EV Long-Term Review, Part 5

Auto123 puts the Kia Niro EV to the long-term test. Today, part 5, in which we pile up the questions as we rack up the kilometres. You guessed it, those questions have to do with range!

Bugatti Will Produce Another 40 Chirons... and That Will Be It

Bugatti has announced that it will make another 40 Chiron supercars to reach its goal of 500 units produced in all. The Chiron will of course be followed by a successor, but which one remains unknown, because the company’s partnership with Rimac leaves several questions on the table for now.

2021 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid Review: Fashionably Late

Ford is gradually electrifying its lineup, and the Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid is part of that offensive. It won’t make the same splash as the Mustang Mach-E, but the plug-in variant of the compact SUV is a necessary calling card for the automaker with a lineup consisting almost entirely of SUVs. Here's our review.

The Vancouver Auto Show Is Returning in 2022

Organizers of the Vancouver Auto Show have announced that their event will return in 2022. After a two-year hiatus, fans can expect to see a significantly different and forward-looking event. It is now scheduled for March 23-27 in the city’s convention centre.

Mitsubishi Debuts Next-Gen Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi has given its next-gen Outlander PHEV SUV a global premiere presentation, though it won’t make the North American market before next summer. Which means that while we learn more about the model with tonight’s reveal, pricing and details for our market are for another day.

Ram Is Recalling 132,000 HD Pickups Due to a Fire Hazard

Ram is recalling just under 132,000 HD pickup trucks due to a fire hazard. This comes just days after the NHTSA opened an investigation into another potential problem involving Ram's Heavy Duty trucks. In the immediate, Ram recommends owners park their vehicles away from structures.

GM Will Expand EV Charging Network in U.S. and Canada

General Motors has announced the Dealer Community Charging Program, through which it will install over 40,000 EV charging stations across North America; the plan is to extend EV charging services to currently underserved areas on the continent.

Chevrolet Introduces the 2023 Corvette Z06

Chevrolet has unveiled the Z06 version of its new Corvette. With an estimated 670 horsepower and an engine that can sing at up to 8,600 RPM, we're promised the most exhilarating Corvette in history.

Tesla Increases Model 3, Model Y Pricing in Canada

Tesla has increased Canadian pricing on two of its models, which happen to be the most in-demand in the lineup. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus now costs buyers $2,000 CAD than it did at the beginning of October, and the Model Y compact SUV’s Long-Range Dual Motor version now lists at $5,000 more.

Parade of 733 All-Electric Cars in Quebec Sets New Guinness Record

A whole slew of electric cars and SUVs took part in a record-breaking parade during the 5th annual electric car show in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, this past weekend. A total of 733 models lined up as part of the event, to the delight of enthusiasts on hand to participate or just to watch.

Mercedes-Benz Will Bring the EQC to North America After All

After initially announcing that its EQC model would not be coming to America, Mercedes-Benz has changed course and says it now plans to bring it here – though it won’t be much before 2025. The all-electric SUV has a format tailored to our continent, so the idea change is a logical one.

Production Is Underway for the BMW i4

Production of the all-electric BMW i4 sedan has officially begun at the carmaker’s plant in Munich. The model’s arrival is highly anticipated by fans of the brand ready to move into the electric era and eager to experience its capabilities.

11 Affordable 90s Cars I Want for My Dream Garage

Once again, our intrepid journalist spent his day daydreaming, this time to come up with a list of affordable 90s cars he would love to have in his garage. There are always dream cars that are attainable for those on a budget!

2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge Review: Plugging In to… Win?

The 2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge is still handsome after all these years, and still constitutes a relatively modern product. There is the changing nomenclature that might cause confusion in regard to this plug-in hybrid version of the big SUV, mind you. Here’s our review.

Not So Fast: Windsor Plant Could Return to Three Shifts

Just days after news came of Stellantis cutting production at its Windsor, Ontario plant down to one shift in 2022, it appears that may not be carved in stone. The Unifor union says that Stellantis has committed to returning the plant to three shifts.

Lexus Unveils Concepts with Marvel “Eternals” Theme

In anticipation of the release of the Eternals movie, Lexus has unveiled 10 concepts associated with characters from the film, as part of a deal with Marvel. For fans of that studio’s series of superhero movies, the designs are sure to please.

2021 Mazda MX-5: Who Buys It With an Automatic Transmission?

Here on our site and elsewhere, the Mazda MX-5 is often presented to you by default with a manual gearbox. But what about the automatic transmission? Auto123 drove the little sports coupe so configured, which got us wondering about consumer preferences and such.

Honda Introduces 2022 Honda Civic Si

Honda has just unveiled the Si version of its new 2022 Civic. There are any number of improvements worth noting, but there’s also a slightly disappointing surprise under the hood.

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Goes Virtual

Mercedes-Benz has taken several innovations brought to its latest MBUX infotainment system – such as augmented reality features – and adapted them to make repair and maintenance of its increasingly complex vehicles faster, more efficient… and more eco-friendly. Did we mention we’re in a brave new automotive world?

Google Maps Will Suggest Emissions-Reducing Routes

Google Maps is going to suggest route itineraries that are greener and help drivers save on gas. The app will show the additional time required on the one hand, but also the fuel economy gains (in percentage) on the other.

Stellantis' Windsor, Ontario Plant Will Operate on One Shift in 2022

Stellantis has announced that as of 2022, its Windsor, Ontario plant will be limited to one shift. The company blames the change on the current semiconductor shortage and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the declining popularity of minivans (which is what the plant builds), but the relatively high price of the new Grand Caravan doesn't help.

Porsche’s Taycan Is Outselling its 911 This Year

Here’s a Fun Friday Fact for you: During the first nine months of the year, Porsche sold more units of the Taycan electric model than of the iconic 911. That's certainly an interesting result for the company as it continues to undertake its shift to all-electric mobility.

Lucid Air Gets $105,000 Starting Price for Canada

Lucid has provided pricing for the brand-new Air model for Canada, the first time it puts dollar figures on its electric sedan outside of the U.S. Simultaneously, the fledgling automaker said its first retail space in Canada will open officially on October 16th in Vancouver.

Chevrolet Bolt Production Should Resume in Two Weeks

Production of the Chevrolet Bolt should resume in two weeks. GM wants to speed up production of new battery modules and deal with repairs first and foremost, meaning owners of 2017-2019 Bolts will be first in line. Additionally, LG has agreed to pick up most of the tab from the recalls and production halt.

New Acura Integra to Get Manual Transmission

Acura shared an image and short video to confirm what many already figured, which is that the future Integra will be available with a manual transmission. This also sends a fairly strong signal that we can expect the model to make use of the engines from the sportier versions of the Honda Civic.

Volvo Cuts Price, Boosts Range on Volvo XC40 Recharge for 2022

Volvo is cutting the pricing on its XC40 Recharge all-electric model for the 2022 model-year, via a new Core base model that helps the SUV attain eligibility for a government EV discount – if you live in Quebec. All Canadians, however, benefit from the $5,000 reduction compared to 2021.

The Toronto Auto Show Is Returning in 2022

It’s a go for the next edition of the Toronto Auto Show, scheduled to be held in early 2022. The news was confirmed by organizers after the Ontario government lifted its measure restricting the number of visitors allowed to attend large events.

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in the U.S. in 2020

There are the expected models and there are surprises on the list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in the U.S. in 2020. Just like every year, really. once again has everything to surprise us. But one thing that struck – and puzzled - us this year is the particular model-years sought out by car thieves last year.

Why Rivian’s Future Is Closely Tied to Amazon

Rivian’s future is pretty promising given its models in development, but success will hinge largely on how well its partnership with Amazon goes. The fledgling automaker has an agreement calling on it to deliver 100,000 all-electric vans to the online sales giant before the end of the decade.

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQS 580 First Drive: A Whole New Ball Game

The 2022 Mercedes-EQ EQS is the first vehicle sold in North America bearing EQ badge under which the automaker’s all-electric models will be sold going forward. Its size is roughly that of an S-Class sedan, but there the similarities largely end. Here’s our first-drive review.

Squirrel Fills Man’s Chevrolet Avalanche with Hundreds of Nuts

A North Dakota made quite a discovery recently when he found that his Chevrolet Avalanche’s engine bloc and many body panels had been filled almost to the brim with walnuts by a hyperactive squirrel. There were, he estimated, 68 kg worth of nuts in pails once he had finished extracting those he could.

Geneva Motor Show Cancelled for Third Straight Year

Organizers of the Geneva Motor Show have cancelled the next edition of the event, which was scheduled for February 2022. The obvious reasons are the ongoing pandemic, automakers deciding to pull out, and the chronic supply-chain issues dogging the automotive industry at present.

2022 Nissan Frontier First Drive: It’s About Time!

The 2022 Nissan Frontier represents the first big overhaul of the truck since… 2005! You could say it was due, and you’d be understating the case. Given that, the hope is that Nissan made sufficient improvements to bring the Frontier up to date and competitive in its segment. Here’s our first-drive review.

14 Affordable 80s Cars I Want for My Dream Garage

Our intrepid journalist put together a list of affordable 80s cars that he would love to have in his garage. Just goes to show that there’s such a thing as dream cars that won’t break the bank! Now if only we could find pristine editions of each…

Mazda Announces a Handful of New SUVs Within Two Years

Mazda plans to supercharge its lineup in very short order, with no fewer than five new SUVs coming to some or all markets by 2023. Three of those will be coming here, Mazda Canada has confirmed. Soon Mazda buyers will be able to pick from the CX-50, CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 or CX-90 – depending on where they live.

2022 Lexus NX First Drive: Grooming the Next Flagship

Auto123 was able to test-drive the new 2022 Lexus NX during a short stop in Arizona. We discovered a model that has evolved in every way, but that will be called upon to play a more important role in the lineup, as evidenced by its equipment, richer and more diversified than ever.

Lucid Gravity Headed for Late 2023 Launch

Upstart EV maker Lucid says that its second model, the Gravity SUV, should be ready to join the Air sedan in its vehicle lineup by late 2023. The luxury crossover will deliver 1080 hp and a range approaching 650 km when it enters the nascent, but sure to be highly competitive, luxury electric SUV segment.

Revised 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Notches Up Three Recalls

Nissan is recalling some units of the revised 2022 Nissan Pathfinder to fix three potential welding issues affecting the front hood and second- and third-row seats. The problems are relatively minor and only affect a certain number of models (319 in Canada in one case, 357 in the second, and an unknown number in the third), but there is potential risk if the problem isn’t addressed.

Maserati Lineup Welcomes New Trims for 2022 Model-Year

Maserati is bringing new trims to the table for the 2022 model-year for its Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante models. The GT, Modena and Trofeo variants each address a distinct clientele in search of specific features and visual appeal.

2021 Lexus ES Review: Who You Calling Stodgy?

The Lexus ES has long been seen as a boring car. The kind your uncle might drive. Is this still the case though, especially since its latest redesign? Auto123 decided to take a look at the issue to find out. Here's our review of a model long dismissed as stodgy and stuffy.

GM Will Build EV Battery Cell Innovation Centre in Michigan

General Motors has announced it will build a new EV battery cell innovation centre in Michigan devoted to EV battery systems and related technologies. It will allow the automotive giant to reduce costs associated with developing and producing electric vehicles over the next decade.

2022 Genesis GV70 Review: Second Time’s the Charm

The 2022 Genesis GV70 is impressive, but will it stand the test of time, or at least the time of a little early fall road trip? We take the new luxury compact SUV over hill, over dale and on dirt, gravel, mud and rain-soaked roads to see how it takes the punishment, and how it treats us.

Atlis Unveils XT Electric Pickup Prototype

The Atlis company, which first previewed an electric pickup in 2020, hasn’t abandoned its ambitions, in fact it’s just presented a new prototype version of its XT heavy duty truck in concept form. The startup’s challenge remains, however, namely that it needs solid financing to achieve its goals. On that front, the jury is still out.

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