Automotive News - May 2022

2022 Toyota Corolla Apex Review: Nip n’ Tuck

The changes brought to the 2022 Toyota Corolla Apex are welcome in their own right, but they also slit open the blinds just a little on what we can expect with the GR Corolla version coming later this year. Here’s our review of the 2022 Corolla’s Apex variant.

The Integra Will Likely Be Acura's Last New ICE Model

The Acura Integra will, it seems, be the last new Acura car with a gasoline engine brought to market. According to Automotive News, which spoke with a senior company executive, all new model coming thereafter from the brand will be all-electric.

Land Rover Presents the Defender 130

Land Rover has unveiled the latest version of its Defender model. The Defender 130 actually has the same wheelbase as the 110 version, but is longer overall and thus offers more space in the back, as well as a third row included standard.

This is the New DeLorean Alpha 5

We now have a full, detailed view of the new DeLorean to admire and argue over, one day ahead of its official unveiling. The reborn DeLorean, named Alpha 5, is now moving more towards the future than the past.

The Volkswagen Half-Track Fox Restored by VW

Volkswagen's commercial vehicle division has restored a unique modified vehicle, a one-off version of the Type 2 T1 that had been altered by a buyer after purchase some 60 years ago. What became known as the Half-Track Fox bus was intended to serve an emergency vehicle capable in inhospitable environments.

Goodyear Says Testing of Airless Tire Progressing

Testing continues at Goodyear with airless tires, the company has announced. At the same time, it does add that it doesn't see them reaching the market any time soon. The company believes they will first be used for self-driving shuttles and delivery vehicles inside major urban centres.

Volkswagen's New Scout Brand: Dealers Would Like Some Clarity

The announcement of Volkswagen's new Scout brand has generated a lot of excitement, but also some questions and concerns. Particularly, some automotive dealer groups in the U.S. are wondering how the models will be distributed and what the impact will be on their daily operations.

2022 Toyota GR 86 Review: The Great Leap Forward

The 2022 Toyota GR 86 is a fun and affordable sports coupe that avoids causing the minor disappointments its BRZ near-twin is guilty of. Here's a car that's aimed at drivers who are more interested in a simple, joyful ride than a riot of raw power.

All 2023 Lyriqs Have Been Sold, Cadillac Says

Cadillac has announced that the total of orders received for its Lyriq electric SUV cover the full 2023 model-year production run. Those who want a model and haven’t yet placed an order will have to wait for a 2024 edition.

Might the Moskvich Brand Be Revived in Russia?

The automotive situation in Russia is getting complex, and it will get even more complex if the invasion of Ukraine drags on. Some in the country are already giving serious consideration to reviving the once-popular Moskvich car brand, models of which could be built on a Chinese platform in Renault’s factory in Moscow.

Ford Bronco Raptor to Offer 418 HP, Ghastly Fuel Economy

Ford has confirmed the power figures for the Bronco Raptor, rating the output of its powertrain at 418 hp and 415 lb-f of torque. That's impressively high, but so are the model's fuel consumption numbers. Not that that will put buyers off much, if at all.

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 First Drive: Honey I Shrunk the S

Company representatives consciously pushed the connection during their presentation of the revised 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and it’s undeniable that the sedan, which gets several tech and design elements from the brand’s flagship S model, is starting to resemble a Mini S in a number of ways. Here’s our first drive review.

Honda Shares Images of Next-Gen 2023 CR-V

Honda today shared some images of its upcoming revised CR-V. The new-generation SUV, scheduled to debut in 2023, will be primarily a continuation of the outgoing model - except that in Canada, we will finally get the hybrid version.

The Hyundai Sonata Is On Its Way Out

According to rumours that have been circulating for some time, the Hyundai Sonata will not be renewed at the end of its current production cycle. If confirmed, this will end almost 40 years of history with this model.

Mercedes Vision AMG Concept: The Electric Future, AMG-Style

With the Vision concept it has just unveiled, Mercedes-Benz offers a glimpse of the electric direction its AMG division is set to take. We can expect AMG to offer up its first all-electric variants starting in 2025, inspired, it appears, by the Vision concept.

A First Encounter with the 2023 Imperium SEV

Auto123 had a first opportunity to get up close and into the 2023 Imperium SEV, the all-electric Chinese midsize crossover coming to Canada later this year. Here are images and our very preliminary first impressions, to be taken with a grain of salt given that this SEV was a preproduction model.

Major Upgrade for Android Auto

Google has announced a major update for Android Auto. Basically, the company noted what the habits of users were and used that to adjust its system and offer them something more user-friendly and convenient.

2023 Genesis GV60 First Drive: A Clean Entry into the EV Pool

The 2023 Genesis GV60 represents the Korean luxury brand’s first entry into the all-electric pool, and frankly outside of a few minor stray sprays, we’d say the entry is as clean and splash-free as could have been hoped. For those with a healthy budget – and armed with patience – this EV is a mighty attractive proposition.

Images of the New 2023 CR-V Appear Online Ahead of Official Reveal

The CR-V will get a new look in 2023, and its official unveiling is imminent. Before that happens though, two images of the model have leaked and are touring the internet as we speak. No surprises on the menu, the new model representing first and foremost a continuation of its predecessor.

Lexus Improves UX Offering for 2023

Lexus is making some important tweaks to its UX model for 2023. The notable changes include structural improvements for stronger performance, as well as upgrades to the multimedia system to accommodate the next generation of Lexus’ system.

A New Front-End Look for the 2023 Subaru Legacy

Subaru is making changes to its Legacy sedan for 2023 as the current generation model enters its fourth year on the market. Aesthetically, it's the front end that's been tweaked to give the sedan a little more character.

2022 Nissan Kicks Review: One Compromise Too Many

Auto123 put the Nissan Kicks to the test over a two-week period under the hot California sun. The conclusion is always the same with this vehicle: it has a host of qualities, but demands compromises not everyone might be willing to make. Here’s our review of the 2022 Nissan Kicks.

2022 Toyota Tundra Review: Rebirth

The third-generation Tundra has been a long time coming, but the improvements it gets are obvious and many. The great ride, awesome capability, modern looks and powerful yet frugal V6 engine – not to mention the hybrid – have all combined to make an almost fully complete package. Here’s our review.

Rivian's Stock Takes a Hit as Ford Appears Set to Dump Shares

Rumours that Ford plans to sell eight million of its shares in Rivian have sent the startup EV maker’s stock value plummeting. A big part of the upstart company’s troubles has to do with the ongoing microchip shortage that is affecting the industry as a whole.

Audio Issues With Your Volkswagen Taos? VW Has a Solution

If you're experiencing an audio problem with the multimedia system in your Volkswagen Taos, there is a solution. Having experienced this situation, we had the opportunity to speak with a VW representative who confirmed that a solution exists to remedy the situation.

Modest sales, price hikes, but hope for Lucid

It's been a rough start to the year for Lucid Motors as it announces price increases for its Air sedan. Production is ramping up, however, and they are hopeful they will meet their commitments to customers.

Tesla Will Build a Second Factory in China

Tesla confirmed this week that it will build a second factory in China. Continued strong growth in demand there and globally is leading the automaker to act to make sure its supply continues to meet the demand.

Production of the 2023 Acura Integra Has Begun

Acura announced today that production of its new 2023 Integra, scheduled to hit dealers this coming June, is officially underway at its Marysville, Ohio plant. The model's return is big news for the brand, which wants to reconnect with a certain clientele.

Nissan Sees Electric Futures for the Z and GT-R

Nissan’s crystal ball tells it there will, one day, be all-electric Z and GT-R sports cars in its lineup – but warns not to expect this to happen overnight. In fact, while the company is clear that it wants to replicate the DNA of its sporty models in the electric age, it also explains that current technology does not allow it.

Nissan Plans to Produce NISMO Versions of its Electric Models

Nissan’s European division has confirmed that NISMO versions of its electric models are in the cards in the coming years. Nothing is imminent, of course, but it's heartening to hear that Nissan doesn't want to abandon the high-performance domain even as it transitions to electric vehicles.

2022 BMW iX Review: Finally a Rival for Tesla's SUVs?

The 2022 BMW iX all-electric SUV does a great job of delivering a comfortable and enjoyable ride and good-if-not-segment-busting range. Accelerations are smooth and very instantaneous when you want it, abnd the quality of execution overall is excellent. Here is our review of a new Tesla rival.

Stellantis Commits $3.6 Billion To Ontario Assembly Plants

After years of difficulty and uncertainty, the future looks brighter for Stellantis' Ontario plants, as the automaker announced yesterday a $3.6 billion investment in its Windsor and Brampton plants. At the heart of all these investments? You guessed it, electrification.

2022 Honda Odyssey Review: The Fun One

The 2022 Odyssey is unique, and thus a perfect fit in the minivan world of today, in which all the vans still on the market – from Kia, Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota – have their own niches. Honda’s happens to be the one for drivers who may want just that much more involvement. Here’s our review.

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